EU H2020 “EUROAGEISM” project (2017-2021)


Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University is one of the main research institutions which participates in  EU H2020 “EUROAGEISM” project (2017-2021) that started on November 16, 2017 by the EUROAGEISM Consorcium Kickoff Meeting in Israel, Tel Aviv.


The world population is aging and aging becomes one of the greatest promises of our society. For the first time in history, older adults have outnumbered children worldwide and most people in the old age are expected to live substantially longer, not only in developed countries, but also in developing countries. On the other hand this ongoing demographic change is associated with many until now unsolved problems and negative consequences in the healthcare, law, workforce, human ethics, etc.

The EUROAGEISM project funded under Horizon 2020 European Commission program is a direct response to the European Commission's Active and Healthy Ageing initiatives, with an overarching goal to improve the quality of life of older people in different areas. By funding 15 research projects in different scientific fields, the European EUROAGEISM project aims to explore ways how to improve the active participation of older adults in the workforce; to address main problems of inappropriate healthcare provision, inappropriate prescribing in older patients, risky polypharmacy and negative consequences arising from these phenomena; to describe existing problems/barriers in European legal system, and promote age-friendly society, which helps older adults to realize their full potential. EUROAGEISM project is devoted to top research findings in above described fields and to their dissemination not only to scientific community, but also to policy stakeholders and the general public to decrease existing problems of older persons in everyday life, in clinical and in social practice.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University is one of the main beneficiaries in the EUROAGEISM H2020 project, responsible for 7th scientific program called FIP7 “Inappropriate prescribing and availability of medication management services in older patients in Europe” under the leadership of Dr. Fialová D., PhD. (Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, member of the EUROAGEISM project Consorcium and expert in geriatric clinical pharmacy and geriatric pharmacoepidemiology). Research works on FIP7 project under EU collaborative network will be targeted at solving specific problems of inappropriate prescribing and excessive polypharmacy in older adults, at describing availability of safer drug alternatives and medication management services for older patients in Europe. This project should support development of geriatric clinical pharmacy on national and European levels.

Use of medication is the most frequent healthcare intervention. Frequent use of multiple medications in the old age do not always respect specific features of rational geriatric prescribing and often leads to inappropriate or suboptimal prescribing that carry many negative consequences, e.g. higher occurrence of geriatric symptoms and syndromes, increase in hospitalizations, geriatric disability, frailty and healthcare costs. This EUROAGEISM FIP7 project will extend research works in inappropriate prescribing in older patients and will also focus on availability of medication-safety and medication management services for older adults on local, national and international levels. 4 countries from Central and Eastern Europe and 3 countries from Western Europe will be involved in the project, as well as several national institutions and practical workplaces from different regions of the Czech Republic. From the Administrative and Research staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy will participate in works on the European EUROAGEISM project as well: prof. Tomáš Šimůnek (Dean of the Faculty), MSc. Vlčková (Head of the Dean´s Office), MSc. Dršatová and MSc. Vokálová (Scientific Department), Mrs. Dvořáková (Economic Department), Mrs. Vychytilová (Personnel Department, Labour and Wages), prof. Vlček (Department of Clinical and Social Pharmacy, expertise in pharmacoepidemiology and general clinical pharmacy), Dr. Reissigová, PhD. (Academy of Science, expertise in health statistics), Dr. Lukačišinová-Ballóková, PhD. (State Institute for Drug Control, expertise in pharmacoeconomics and geriatric drug policy). Also, collaborative clinical workplaces from different regions of the Czech Republic and collaborative research teams from 7 European countries will participate on scientific works. The FIP7 EUROAGEISM project will develop new national and EU recommendations and policies to avoid frequent problems in inappropriate prescribing in older patients.

The whole EUROAGEISM H2020 project is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial, science-policy international Consorcium of researchers, policy makers, and social and health care professionals from excellent research teams, closely cooperating with strategic European partners involved in the project, e.g. AGE platform Europe, World Health Organisation, Health and Social Care Alliance and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The network is also dedicated to the training of a new generation of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in different fields of ageism that should capture future positions of scientists, educators, science advisers, policy advocates, lobbyists, or legislators on the European level. The EUROAGEISM scientific project aims to change the way we think, feel and act towards older people and aging.

EUROAGEISM H2020 project delivers attractive multi-disciplinary (health science, social science, law, etc.), inter-sectorial (academia, healthcare, non-governmental, inter-governmental, and governmental organizations), international (North, East, and Central Europe, Middle East, Pan-European, and international) research, training and supervision program on ageing and ageism that should change future practice, social and healthcare policy. Main EUROAGEISM Consortium members and partners have been selected from 11 countries- Belgium, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Israel (the Leading team of the EUROAGEISM Consorcium).

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