2.1.4. Performance of Continuous FI Based Assays

Operating flow injection system at constant continuous flow, the legacy of Auto Analyzer, is the simples option, and therefore cFI has such an immense appeal, and this is why this method found a wide range of applications. The most frequently analyzed species, listed in this table represent only a fraction of a broad variety of analytes. Thus Method list of Lachat Co comprises over eighty analytes, determined in a wide variety of sample materials by cFI. Search of Hansen’s Database will yield information on assay of thousands of analytes, automated by Flow Injection.


Concentration ranges, shown in this table, obtained with the spectrophotometric detection, are extended own to ppb level, by using long light path flow cell, and by optimizing conditions for the chemical reactions. Since increase of sensitivity is obtained by prolonging the incubation period, sampling frequency at sub ppm level is lower, typically at 60 samples/hr.