Synthesis of dexrazoxane analogues and iron chelators


Iron chelating agents have been long used to the treatment of the iron overload diseases. However, in recent years they have also been thouroughly studied for their other effects such as antiproliferative, cardio- and neuro-protective activities. Our research group has been engaged in a development of aroylhydrazone chelators as cardioprotective and antiproliferative agents. In the field of cardioprotection we also synthesize derivatives of dexrazoxane and its metabolite ADR-925.


Member of Charles University Research Centre (UNCE 204019/304019/2012)

Centre for the Study of Toxic and Protective Effects of Drugs on Cardiovascular System



11. 5. 2017 - Jan Kubeš won the first prize of ZENTIVA company in Chemistry at the 16th International Pharmacy Student Research Conference


19. 4. 2017 - Jan Kubeš (on the left) won the first prize in Chemistry at the 25th Pharmacy Student Research Conference

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