Research Funding


2017, Charles University SVV project, (SVV 260 416)

2015 – 2017, Grant Agency of Charles University, Determination of expression of DHRS and related carbonyl reducing enzymes in human tissues (348215/C/2015)

2012 – 2017, Charles University UNCE project, The centre for the study of drugs and other biologically-active substances from the perspective of the prevention and treatment of important diseases of civilization (204026/2012)

od 2017, Charles University Progres project, Development and study of drugs (Q42)

Past (since 2006)

2011 – 2016, Charles University PRVOUK project, Study on carbonyl reducing enzymes (P40)

2012 – 2015, EU Funds – Operational Program Education for Competitiveness, TEAB – Team of Experimental and Applied Biopharmacy (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0235)

2013 – 2015, Grant Agency of Charles University, Isolation of human liver membrane bound carbonyl reducing enzymes by original affinity carrier and their subsequent identification and characterization (926213/C/2013)

2012 – 2014, Grant Agency of Charles University, Role of human membrane-bound carbonyl reductases in biotransformation of xenobiotics (677012/C/2012)

2011 – 2013, Grant Agency of Charles University, Studies on S-nitrosoglutathione and its effect on carbonyl reductase 1 in cell cultures (347211/C/2011)

2010 – 2012, Grant Agency of Charles University, Characterization of a New Human Microsomal Carbonyl Reductase and Its Role in Metabolism of Xenobiotics (71710/C/2010)

2008 – 2010, Grant Agency of Charles University, The isolation and characterization of a new human liver microsomal carbonyl reductase participating in metabolism of xenobiotics (45508/C/2008)

2007 – 2009, Grant Agency of Czech Republic, Targeting the novel human microsomal reductases causing resistance in cancer chemotherapy (303/07/0994)

2006 – 2008, Grant Agency of Czech Republic, Modulation of aldo-keto reductase AKR1C3 activity by phytoestrogens (108/C/2006)

2015, Charles University SVV Project (2015-260-065)

2013, Charles University SVV project, (2013-267-004)

2012, Charles University SVV project, (2012-263-004)

2011, Charles University SVV project, (2011-263-004)

2010, Charles University SVV project, (2010-261-003)




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