Clinical & Social Pharmacy and History of Pharmacy (CLINSOF-HIF)

Our group is focused on diverse clinical and social health issues and historical aspects of health care and pharmacy. Main research activities are situated at the Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy and Czech Pharmaceutical Museum in cooperation with many health care facilities as well as academic institutions.

Pharmacoepidemiology is “the study of the use and effects/side-effects of drugs in large numbers of people with the purpose of supporting the rational and cost-effective use of drugs in the population thereby improving health outcomes” (World Health Organization). This research focuses on the risk/benefit ratio of medicines in real practice and the determinants which influence this (e.g. drug-related and patient-related factors including information on medicines; the perceptions, experience, and behavior of patients and health care workers regarding the use of medicines and the monitoring of safety; the influence of industry and government). Pharmacoepidemiology is the essential discipline for individual (clinical pharmacy) and population aspects (social pharmacy) of medicines.

Clinical Pharmacy describes the activities and services of the clinical pharmacist to develop and promote the rational and appropriate use of medicinal products and devices with the aim to maximize the clinical effect of medicines, minimizing the risk of therapy, and minimizing the expenditure. Clinical pharmacy services are conducted in patients performed in various settings including hospitals, community pharmacies, nursing homes, home-based care services, clinics, and any other settings where medicines are prescribed and used.

Our research into Social pharmacy, pharmacoeconomy and medicines policy focuses on the economic and social factors influencing drug utilization, production as well as manufacturing and the drug market. This includes medicines policy, the risk management of counterfeit medications and investigating unused medications.

Within History of health care and pharmacy research, the main objectives are the history of the Czech (and Czechoslovak) pharmacy, the development of health care in the Early Modern Period and the role of monastic hospitals in Central Europe along with biographies of eminent figures of the region.




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