Synthetic Organic Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy

We are interested in the development of novel synthetic methods with a focus on catalytic reactions mediated by transition metals (Pd, Au). The methodology is applied to economic syntheses of biologically interesting natural products as well as to the preparation and biological evaluation of small libraries of natural product analogs. In particular, cytostatic, antimicrobial, antifungal and bronchodilatory effects are evaluated. Following the evaluation of structure-activity relationships, the data obtained are used as a feedback for design and synthesis of a new generation of analogues with (ideally) improved biological activity and/or lower toxicity.

As regards methodology development, our primary goal is further development of catalytic reactions of Pd and Au complexes, mainly in the cyclization of enynes, various coupling processes and direct activation of C-H bonds. To apply the methodology, we are currently working on lactones of natural origin with antifungal properties that have been a long-term objective of both synthetic and biological studies. We have also recently started the preparation of analogs of quinazoline alkaloids with bronchodilatory activity. Apart from natural products, the methods developer can be employed in the preparation of specifically substituted heterocycles, unavailable by classical organic chemistry.

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