PharmDr. Ondřej Holas, Ph.D.

Born: December 10, 1983 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Current position:
Assistant Professor in the Group of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacotherapy, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University

Contact information

  • Work address: Heyrovského 1203, 500 05, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
  • Email:
  • Tel.: +420 495 067 412
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8335-0123
  • Research ID: AAD-8633-2019
  • Scopus Author ID: 14622671800


Research interests:

  • Advanced nano-drug-delivery systems based on biocompatible and biodegradable materials.
  • Design and development of targeted drug delivery systems for nuclear receptor ligands and nucleic acids.
  • Study of nanomaterials immunogenicity.
  • Molecular modeling of novel orphan receptors ligands.
  • Advanced methods of computational chemistry, computer aided drug design.

Education and Empoyment:

  • 2015                Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University
  • 2012-2015      TEAB project, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University
  • 2008-2012      Ph.D. studies, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague

Teaching activities:

  • From 2016      Lectures, Physical Principles of Dosage Forms (Guarantor of the subject)
  • From 2015      Lectures and practical classes, Pharmaceutical Technology
  • From 2015      Lectures, Modern Trends in Drug Development
  • Supervisor of: 16 finalized diploma theses, 8 finalized doctor theses, 3 researched PhD theses, 1 finalized PhD thesis

Research grants (member of a team):

  • 2017-2019: Standard project, Czech Science Foundation.  Dynamics of nuclear receptor-mediated gene regulation: implement for the understanding ofdetoxification functions and optimization of therapy GAČR 17-06841S,
  • 2019-2021: Standard project, Czech Science Foundation. Novel interventions for the treatment of triglycerides, cholesterol and bile acids diseases with human CAR ligands. 19-14497S
  • 2019-2021: Standard project, Czech Science Foundation. Novel interventions for the treatment of triglycerides, cholesterol and bile acids diseases with human CAR ligands. 19-14497S
  • 2019-2021: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Development of a new dosage form for oral administration of vaccines. FV40365
  • Grant Agency of the Charles University projects (3 times)


  • Horizon 2020 COST action - The European Network on Understanding Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes (UNGAP

International experience:

  • 2015    Faculty of Pharmacy, Commenius University in Bratislava
  • 2013    4 months, Sotriffer Group (Prof. Christoph Sotriffer), Institute of Pharmacy and Food Chemistry, Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg
  • 2009    1 month, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb

Czech and international collaboration:

  • Josef Masek, Veterinary and research institute in Brno
  • Anette Müllertz, Department of Pharmaceutics & Analytical Chemistry, The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FARMA), University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Daniel Scherman, Unité de Technologies Chimiques et Biologiques pour la Santé, Paris Descartes, CPSC


  • 2008    Prize of Penta company for the best thesis.
  • 2008    2nd place award at International Student’s Scientific conference.

Selected publications:

47 papers in international journals

H-index: 20 (WoS), 900+ citation

  1. Vranikova, B.; Svacinova, P; Marushka, J.; Brokesova, J.; Holas, O.; Tebbens, J.D.; Sklubalova, Z. The importance of the coating material type and amount in the preparation of liquisolid systems based on magnesium aluminometasilicate carrier, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 2021, 165, 105952. IF2020=4.384 (Q2)
  2. Kubackova, J.; Holas, O.*; Zbytovska, J.; Vranikova, B.; Zeng, G.; Pavek, P.; Mullertz, A. Oligonucleotide Delivery across the Caco-2 Monolayer: The Design and Evaluation of Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDS), Pharmaceutics, 2021, 13, 459. IF2020=4.421 (Q2)
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