Anna Jirkovska, PharmD., PhD.

Born: August 23, 1983, Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic.

Education, Academic and Scientific Degrees:

2014 – PharmD. (FPharm HK), 2013 – PhD. in Patobiochemistry & Xenobiochemistry (FPharm HK), 2008 – MSc. in Pharmacy (FPharm HK).

Working Experience:

2013 – Assistant professor, 2012 – Lecturer, Research assistant (all appointments are at Faculty of Pharmacy (FPharm HK), Department of Biochemistry).

Research Interests:

Cardiotoxicity/cardioprotection, anthracycline antibiotics, DNA damage, oxidative damage. In vitro toxicity/proliferation analysis (LDH activity, MTT, XTT, Trypan blue exclusion) using cancer and normal cell lines (HeLa, A549, Hl-60, HEK293, H9c2) and primary cell cultures (neonatal rat cardiomyocytes), oxidative damage assessment (GSH/GSSG, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase), enzyme activity analysis (glutathione-relating enzymes, topoisomerase II), DNA damage assessment (comet assay, DPCC), apoptosis detection, FACS analysis, DNA/RNA transfection (electroporation), iron chelation analysis, Western-blot, PCR, fluorescence microscopy.

Since 2013 – lecturer in Molecular Biology, since 2012 – teacher of practical classes in General Biochemistry, since 2008 – assistant in practical classes of General biochemistry

International Experience:

May – July 2014: University of Central Florida, College of Medicine, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, Dr. Mark Muller group, drug-protein covalent complexes assessment

Memberships in Scientific Societies:

International Society for Heart Research


2013 – Annual Prize of the Mayor of Hradec Králové for the creative student work, 2013 - Josef Hlávka award 

Peer Review

  • Reviewer of manuscripts submitted into scientific journals with IF (4)
  • Reviewer of grant applications: GAUK.
  • Master´s thesis (5/FaF)

Grant Projects

As a principal investigator (1): GAUK 112409 “Cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines: Study of molecular mechanisms of dexrazoxane cardioprotection, synthesis and initial pharmacological evaluation of the newly synthesized analogues of dexrazoxane.”

As a co-investigator (6x): GA ČR (2x), GA UK (2x), PRVOUK (1x), Postdoctoral fellowship according to operational program OPVK 2.3 (1x).

Publications and Citations (in total):

– Number of publications in WoS/Scopus: 18/22, 100% with IF

– Number of citations in WoS/Scopus – total 311/354, without self-citations 275/305.

– H-index in WoS/Scopus (with self-citations) = 10/10.

Summary of Publications (in last 5 years, 2012-2017):

in WoS/Scopus: 13/17, cumulative IF (summa IF) = 63.727, average IF = 3.749

 Summary of all publications:

1.         Lencova-Popelova O, Jirkovsky E, Jansova H, Jirkovska-Vavrova A, Vostatkova-Tichotova L, Mazurova Y, Adamcova M, Chladek J, Hroch M, Pokorna Z, Gersl V, Simunek T and Sterba M. Cardioprotective effects of inorganic nitrate/nitrite in chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity: Comparison with dexrazoxane. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2016;91:92-103. (IF 2016: 5.680; Q1)

2.         Lencova-Popelova O, Jansova H, Jirkovsky E, Bures J, Jirkovska-Vavrova A, Mazurova Y, Reimerova P, Vostatkova L, Adamcova M, Hroch M, Pokorna Z, Kovarikova P, Simunek T and Sterba M. Are cardioprotective effects of NO-releasing drug molsidomine translatable to chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity settings? Toxicology. 2016;372:52-63. (IF 2016: 3.582; Q1)

3.         Kuncova J, Jirkovska A, Sviglerova J, Markova M, Meireles D and Cedikova M. Neonatal capsaicin administration impairs postnatal development of the cardiac chronotropy and inotropy in rats. Physiol Res. 2016;65:S633-S642. (IF 2016: 1.461)

4.         Jansova H, Bures J, Machacek M, Haskova P, Jirkovska A, Roh J, Wang Q, Franz KJ, Kovarikova P and Simunek T. Characterization of cytoprotective and toxic properties of iron chelator SIH, prochelator BSIH and their degradation products. Toxicology. 2016;350-352:15-24. (IF 2016: 3.582; Q1)

5.         Haskova P, Jansova H, Bures J, Machacek M, Jirkovska A, Franz KJ, Kovarikova P and Simunek T. Cardioprotective effects of iron chelator HAPI and ROS-activated boronate prochelator BHAPI against catecholamine-induced oxidative cellular injury. Toxicology. 2016;371:17-28. (IF 2016: 3.582; Q1)

6.         Potuckova E, Roh J, Machacek M, Sahni S, Stariat J, Sestak V, Jansova H, Haskova P, Jirkovska A, Vavrova K, Kovarikova P, Kalinowski DS, Richardson DR and Simunek T. In Vitro Characterization of the Pharmacological Properties of the Anti-Cancer Chelator, Bp4eT, and Its Phase I Metabolites. PLoS One. 2015;10:e0139929. (IF 2015: 3.057; Q1)

7.         Lenco J, Lencova-Popelova O, Link M, Jirkovska A, Tambor V, Potuckova E, Stulik J, Simunek T and Sterba M. Proteomic investigation of embryonic rat heart-derived H9c2 cell line sheds new light on the molecular phenotype of the popular cell model. Exp Cell Res. 2015;339:174-86. (IF 2015: 3.378)

8.         Jirkovska-Vavrova A, Roh J, Lencova-Popelova O, Jirkovsky E, Hruskova K, Potuckova-Mackova E, Jansova H, Haskova P, Martinkova P, Eisner T, Kratochvil M, Sus J, Machacek M, Vostatkova-Tichotova L, Gersl V, Kalinowski DS, Muller MT, Richardson DR, Vavrova K, Sterba M and Simunek T. Synthesis and analysis of novel analogues of dexrazoxane and its open-ring hydrolysis product for protection against anthracycline cardiotoxicity in vitro and in vivo. Toxicol Res-Uk. 2015;4:1098-1114. (IF 2015: 2.161)

9.         Potuckova E, Jansova H, Machacek M, Vavrova A, Haskova P, Tichotova L, Richardson V, Kalinowski DS, Richardson DR and Simunek T. Quantitative analysis of the anti-proliferative activity of combinations of selected iron-chelating agents and clinically used anti-neoplastic drugs. PLoS One. 2014;9:e88754. (IF 2014: 3.234; Q1)

10.       Potuckova E, Hruskova K, Bures J, Kovarikova P, Spirkova IA, Pravdikova K, Kolbabova L, Hergeselova T, Haskova P, Jansova H, Machacek M, Jirkovska A, Richardson V, Lane DJ, Kalinowski DS, Richardson DR, Vavrova K and Simunek T. Structure-activity relationships of novel salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone (SIH) analogs: iron chelation, anti-oxidant and cytotoxic properties. PLoS One. 2014;9:e112059. (IF 2014: 3.234; Q1)

11.       Jansova H, Machacek M, Wang Q, Haskova P, Jirkovska A, Potuckova E, Kielar F, Franz KJ and Simunek T. Comparison of various iron chelators and prochelators as protective agents against cardiomyocyte oxidative injury. Free Radic Biol Med. 2014;74:210-21. (IF 2014: 5.736; Q1)

12.       Vavrova A, Jansova H, Mackova E, Machacek M, Haskova P, Tichotova L, Sterba M and Simunek T. Catalytic inhibitors of topoisomerase II differently modulate the toxicity of anthracyclines in cardiac and cancer cells. PLoS One. 2013;8:e76676. (IF 2013: 3.534; Q1)

13.       Sterba M, Popelova O, Vavrova A, Jirkovsky E, Kovarikova P, Gersl V and Simunek T. Oxidative stress, redox signaling, and metal chelation in anthracycline cardiotoxicity and pharmacological cardioprotection. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2013;18:899-929. (IF 2013: 7.667; Q1)

14.       Kovarikova P, Pasakova-Vrbatova I, Vavrova A, Stariat J, Klimes J and Simunek T. Development of LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous analysis of the cardioprotective drug dexrazoxane and its metabolite ADR-925 in isolated cardiomyocytes and cell culture medium. J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2013;76:243-51. (IF 2013: 2.829)

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17.       Jirkovsky E, Popelova O, Krivakova-Stankova P, Vavrova A, Hroch M, Haskova P, Brcakova-Dolezelova E, Micuda S, Adamcova M, Simunek T, Cervinkova Z, Gersl V and Sterba M. Chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity: molecular and functional analysis with focus on nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 and mitochondrial biogenesis pathways. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2012;343:468-78. (IF 2012: 3.891; Q1)

18.       Vavrova A, Popelova O, Sterba M, Jirkovsky E, Haskova P, Mertlikova-Kaiserova H, Gersl V and Simunek T. In vivo and in vitro assessment of the role of glutathione antioxidant system in anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity. Arch Toxicol. 2011;85:525-35. (IF 2011: 4.674; Q1)

19.       Hruskova K, Kovarikova P, Bendova P, Haskova P, Mackova E, Stariat J, Vavrova A, Vavrova K and Simunek T. Synthesis and initial in vitro evaluations of novel antioxidant aroylhydrazone iron chelators with increased stability against plasma hydrolysis. Chem Res Toxicol. 2011;24:290-302. (IF 2011: 3.779; Q1)

20.       Haskova P, Kovarikova P, Koubkova L, Vavrova A, Mackova E and Simunek T. Iron chelation with salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone protects against catecholamine autoxidation and cardiotoxicity. Free Radic Biol Med. 2011;50:537-49. (IF 2011: 5.423; Q1)

21.       Haskova P, Koubkova L, Vavrova A, Mackova E, Hruskova K, Kovarikova P, Vavrova K and Simunek T. Comparison of various iron chelators used in clinical practice as protecting agents against catecholamine-induced oxidative injury and cardiotoxicity. Toxicology. 2011;289:122-31. (IF 2011: 3.681; Q1)

22.       Bendova P, Mackova E, Haskova P, Vavrova A, Jirkovsky E, Sterba M, Popelova O, Kalinowski DS, Kovarikova P, Vavrova K, Richardson DR and Simunek T. Comparison of clinically used and experimental iron chelators for protection against oxidative stress-induced cellular injury. Chem Res Toxicol. 2010;23:1105-14. (IF 2010: 4.148; Q1)

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