RNDr. Miloslav Macháček, Ph.D.

Date and Place of Birth: 7 December 1987, Prague, Czech Republic

Present Position:

Contact Information:

  • Work Address: Akademika Heyrovského 1203/8, 500 05 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
  • E-mail: machamil@faf.cuni.cz
  • Tel.: +420 495 067 588

Personal Identifiers:

Research Interests

  • photodynamic therapy of cancer
  • photochemical internalisation
  • light-triggered druh release from liposomes
  • antimicrobial photodynamic therapy
  • mode of cellular death
  • oxidative stress on cellular and molecular level
  • evaluation of toxicological and pharmacological properties of novel phthalocyanine, azaphthalocyanine (tetrapyrazinoporphyrazine and tetrapyridoporphyrazine), subphthalocyanine and BODIPy photosensitizers
  • fluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • list of publications , see below

Grant projects

  • principal investigator, Czech Health Research Council, AZV NW24J-05-00016 (May 2024 - 2027),
    “Employment of photosensitizer-based therapy to combat notorious multi-drug resistant bacterial deliquents from the group ESKAPE responsible for skin and wound infections.”
  • principal investigator, Czech Science Foundation, GAČR 19-14758Y (2019 - Jun 2022, evaluation: "Fulfilled"),
    “Novel photosensitizers for vascular targeted photodynamic therapy.”
  • principal investigator, Charles University Grant Agency, GAUK 1916214 (2014 - 2016, evaluation: "Exceptionally good"),
    “Study of the novel phthalocyanine and azaphthalocyanine photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of tumors on cellular and molecular level.”
    member of the team in other research grants and projects:
    1× ERC-CZ – LL2318
    7× Czech Science Foundation – GAČR 21-14919J, 20-09212S, 19-09600S,  18-08169S, 13-27761S, 13-15008S, 13-23891S
    1× Charles University – PRIMUS/20/SCI/013
    1× University Centre of Excellence – UNCE 204019/304019/2012
    3× Charles University Grant Agency – GAUK 367911, 1404213, 88615
  • supervisor of Charles University Grant Agency projects:
    • Mgr. Marie Halašková, Ph.D.; GAUK 1620219 (2019 - 2021, evaluation: "Fulfilled") "Complex analysis of biological properties of novel photodynamically active hydrophilic and amphiphilic anionic phthalocyanine derivatives"
    • RNDr. Monika Rohlíčková; GAUK 1312220 (2020, 2024, 2025) "Study of the effectiveness of (aza)phthalocyanine-based photosensitizers for use in photochemical internalization of biologically active agents"
    • Mgr. Magdaléna Kozlíková; GAUK 157524 (2024 - 2025) "Development of 3D heterotypic tumor models for the study of photodynamic therapy"

Professional membership

Educational activities

  • supervisor of 4 disertation theses (since 2018; 1 already defended)
  • supervisor of 12 B.Sc. and 28 M.Sc. (Pharmacy and Medical Bioanalytics) diploma theses (since 2014)
  • Pathobiochemistry - lectures, seminaries (since 2014), exams (since 2018)
  • Molecular Biology – practice (since 2012), exams (since 2018)
  • General Biochemistry - practice (since 2013)
  • Biophysics - practice (2012-2013)

Hobbies / Personal Interests

  • natural sciences
  • nature photography in general - wild-life and macrophotography, landscape photography, astrophotography etc.
  • nature protection, conservation & preservation, collecting minerals and fossils, growing carnivorous plants
PTX_3073-77_PS_PS2.jpg Chobot_DBE_ColCal_ArcStr_SCNR_NoiseXT_COMB_PS_2000px.jpg PTX_2475_PS_-_PFS-(1).jpg

Two baby European tree frogs (Hyla arborea) waiting for dusk during their first day out of the water. Czech Republic, 2021

IC 1396 is young open star cluster surrounded  with HII region and containgn also Elephant's Trunk Nebula - a concentration of interstellar gas. Czech Republic, 2022

Black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) wading through frozen grass during mating season. Czech Republic, 2020

PTX_3944_PS-denoise_PS_2-(4).jpg PTX_1879_PS2_-_PFS.jpg PTX_1371_PS_v2.jpg

The spirit of an old-growth forests - the ghost orchid (Epipogium aphyllum). Very rare and hard to find. Czech Republic, 2020

American Pika (Ochotona princeps) watching its surroundings vigilantly while residing in scree under the cliff on alpine area in Washington, USA, 2019

First light of the day struggling through clouds. View from the top of the peak Mesolina. Dolomites, Italy, 2018

PTX_9129-31_PS_v2.jpg PTX_2617_PS_-_PFS.jpg PTX_6589-98_PI_PS_crop_Death_Valley_2017-(1).jpg
Serene sunrise from the rim of an antient caldera over pristine waters of Crater Lake. Oregon, USA, 2017 Creek running through thick temperate rainforest in Oregon's wilderness. USA, 2017  

Dark skies in Death Valley shortly after dusk with the Milky Way disappearing over the horizon. California, USA, 2017

PTX_4010_Drosera_graomogolensis_v0.jpg PTX_0509_PS_-_PFS2.jpg PTX_8871_PS_-_PFS.JPG

Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) climbing sprig of bog laurel (Kalmia polifolia). Western New York, 2017

European mantis (Mantis religiosa). Czech Republic, 2016

Critically endangered European ground squirrel alias European souslik (Spermophilus citellus). Czech Republic, 2015


  • author and co-author of 41 publications in international peer-reviewed journals; cumulative IF > 210
  • 820 / 852 citations (WoS / Scopus; March 2024)
  • 758 / 783 citations excluding self-citations (WoS / Scopus; March 2024)
  • H-index: 18 / 19 (WoS / Scopus)
  • green marked publications - photoactive compounds and PDT articels :-)



  • Demuth J, Kaushik R, Kozlikova M, Rando C, Machacek M, Novakova V, Šindelář V, Zimcik P. 
    BODIPY-Cucurbituril Complexes: Supramolecular Approach toward Improvement of Photodynamic Activity.
    Materials Advances. 2024; 5; 3915 - 3920; DOI: 10.1039/D3MA01164J 
    [Impact factor 2022: 4.977
    ; Article Influence Score: 0.850]

  • Dwivedi A, Mazumder A, Pullmannová P, Paraskevopoulou A, Opálka L, Kováčik A, Macháček M, Jančálková P, Svačinová P, Peterlik H, Maixner J, Vávrová K. 
    Lipid monolayer on cell surface protein templates functional extracellular lipid assembly.
    Small. 2024; 2307793; DOI: 10.1002/smll.202307793
    [Impact factor 2022: 13.256 - D1
    ; Article Influence Score: 2.545 - Q1]

  • Al-Hamdan NS, Hussain A, Kozlikova M, Alfred A, Machacek M, Ganesan A, Zimcik P, Makhseed S. 
    Enhanced Photodynamic Activity of Asymmetric Non-Ionic Zn(II) Phthalocyanine Amphiphiles: Effect of Molecular Design on In Vitro Activity.
    Dyes and Pigments. 2024; 221; 111809; DOI: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2023.111809
    [Impact factor 2022: 4.454 - Q1
    ; Article Influence Score: 0.509 - Q1]


  • Chelminiak-Dudkiewicz D, Macháček M, Dlugaszewska J, Wujak M, Smolarkiewicz-Wyczachowski A, Bocian S, Mylkie K, Goslinski T, Marszall MP, Ziegler-Borowska M.
    Fabrication and characterization of new levan@CBD biocomposite sponges as potential materials in natural, non-toxic wound dressing applications.
    International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2023; 253(3); 126933; DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2023.126933
    [Impact factor 2022: 8.163 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.918 - Q1]

  • Pavkova I, Kopeckova M, Link M, Vlcak E, Filimonenko V, Lecova L, Zakova J, Laskova P, Sheshko V, Machacek M, Stulik J.
    Francisella tularensis Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase is Secreted during Intracellular Infection and Reveals Pleiotropic Effect on Cellular Pathogenesis.
    Cells. 2023; 12(4); 607; DOI: 10.3390/cells12040607
    [Impact factor 2022: 6.040 - Q2; Article Influence Score: 1.275 - Q2]

  • Kociscakova L; Rando C; Kozlikova M; Machacek M; Novakova V; Šindelář V; Zimcik P.
    Monomerization of Phthalocyanines in Water via Their Supramolecular Interactions with Cucurbiturils.
    Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2023; 88; 2; 988–1002; DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.2c02413
    [Impact factor 2022: 3.608 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.683 - Q1]


  • Kopečná M, Macháček M, Roh J, Vávrová K.
    Proline, hydroxyproline, and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid derivatives as highly efficient but reversible transdermal permeation enhancers.

    Scientific Reports. 2022; 12:19495; DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-24108-6
    [Impact factor 2021: 4.996 - Q2
    ; Article Influence Score: 1.207 - Q1]

  • Halaskova M, Kostelansky F, Demuth J, Hlbocanova I, Miletin M, Zimcik P, Machacek M, Novakova V.
    Amphiphilic cationic phthalocyanines for photodynamic therapy of cancer.
    ChemPlusChem. 2022; 26; 87(9):e202200133; DOI: 10.1002/cplu.202200133
    [Impact factor 2021: 3.210 - Q3; Article Influence Score: 0.533 - Q2]

  • Gemuh CV; Macháček M; Solich P; Horstkotte B.
    Renewable Sorbent Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Automated by Lab-In-Syringe Using Magnetite-Functionalized Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balanced Sorbent Coupled Online to HPLC for Determination of Surface Water Contaminants.
    Analytica Chimica Acta. 2022; 1210:339874; DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2022.339874

    [Impact factor 2021: 6.911 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.948 - Q1]

  • Hympanova M; Oliver-Urrutia C; Vojta M; Macháček M; Krupka P; Kukla R; Celko L; Montufar EB, Marek J.
    Assessment of Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation on Calcium Phosphate Ceramics: the role of crystalline composition and microstructure.
    Biomaterials Advances. 2022; 135:212750; DOI: 10.1016/j.bioadv.2022.212750

    [Impact factor 2020: 7.328; Article Influence Score: 0.902]


  • Demuth J; Gallego L; Kozlikova M; Machacek M; Kucera R; Torres T; Martínez-Díaz MV; Novakova V.
    Subphthalocyanines as efficient photosensitizers with nanomolar photodynamic activity against cancer cells.
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2021; 64(23); 17436–17447; DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.1c01584

    [Impact factor 2021: 8.039 - D1; Article Influence Score: 1.579 - D1]

  • Krzemien W, Rohlickova M, Machacek M, Novakova V, Piskorz J, Zimcik P.
    Tuning Photodynamic Properties of BODIPY Dyes, Porphyrins´ Little Sisters.
    Molecules. 2021; 26(14):4194; DOI: 10.3390/molecules26144194

    [Impact factor 2021: 4.927 - Q2; Article Influence Score: 0.671 - Q2]

  • Bavlovič-Piskáčková H; Kollárová-Brázdová P; Kučera R; Macháček M, Pedersen-Bjergaard S; Štěrbová-Kovaříková P.
    The electromembrane extraction of pharmaceutical compounds from animal tissues.
    Analytica Chimica Acta. 2021; 1177:338742; DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2021.338742

    [Impact factor 2021: 6.911 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.948 - Q1]

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    [Impact factor 2021: 4.632 - Q2; Article Influence Score: 0.916 - Q1]


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    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2020; 
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    [Impact factor 2021: 8.039 - D1; Article Influence Score: 1.579 - D1]

  • Husain A, Ganesan A, Machacek M, Cerveny L, Kubat P, Ghazal B, Zimcik P, Makhseed S.
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    Dalton Transactions. 2020; 49; 9605-9617; DOI: 10.1039/d0dt01180k
    [Impact factor 2021: 4.569 - D1
    ; Article Influence Score: 0.626 - Q1]


  • Kopečná M, Macháček M, Nováčková A, Paraskevopoulos G, Roh J, Vávrová K.
    Esters of terpene alcohols as highly potent, reversible, and low toxic skin penetration enhancers.
    Scientific Reports. 2019; 9; 14617; DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-51226-5
    [Impact factor 2021: 4.996 - Q2
    ; Article Influence Score: 1.207 - Q1]

  • Applová L, Karlíčková J, Warncke P, Macáková K, Hrubša M, Macháček M, Tvrdý V, Fischer D, Mladěnka P.
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    [Impact factor 2022: 4.454 - Q1
    ; Article Influence Score: 0.509 - Q1]


  • Macháček M, Carter K, Kostelanský F, Miranda D, Seffouh A, Ortega J, Šimůnek T, Zimčík P, Lovell J.
    Binding of an amphiphilic phthalocyanine to pre-formed liposomes confers light-triggered cargo release.
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    [Impact factor 2021: 7.571 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.940 - Q1]


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  • Ghazal B, Machacek M, Shalaby M, Novakova V, Zimcik P, Makhseed.
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    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2017; DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.7b00272

    [Impact factor 2021: 8.039 - D1; Article Influence Score: 1.579 - D1]

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  • Kopečná M, Macháček M, Prchalová E, Štěpánek P, Drašar P, Kotora M, Vávrová K.
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  • Haškova P, Jansova H, Bureš J, Macháček M, Jirkovská A, Franz KJ, Kovaříkova P, Šimůnek T.
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    [Impact Factor 2021: 4.571 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.753 - Q2]

  • Jansová H, Bureš J, Macháček M, Hašková P, Jirkovská A, Roh J, Wang Q, Franz KJ, Kovaříková P, Šimůnek T.
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    [Impact Factor 2021: 4.571 - Q1; Article Influence Score: 0.753 - Q2]

  • Machacek M, Kollár J, Miletin M, Kučera R, Kubát P, Simunek T, Novakova V, Zimcik P.
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    [Impact factor 2021: 4.036 - Q2
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    PLoS One. 2014. 9(2). e88754. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088754.

    [Impact factor 2021: 3.752 - Q2; Article Influence Score: 0.973 - Q2]


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    [Impact factor 2021: 6.065 - Q1
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  • Vávrová A, Jansová H, Macková E, Macháček M, Hašková P, Tichotová L, Štěrba M, Šimůnek T.
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    PLoS ONE. 2013. 8(10): 1-13; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0076676

    [Impact factor 2021: 3.752 - Q2; Article Influence Score: 0.973 - Q2]

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