Important Events


HPLC 2017 Prague

The most important conference in the field of separation science, 45th International symposium on high performance liquid phase separations and related techniques, will be held in Prague in 2017. Numerous invited speakers have already accepted the invitation to present their research at HPLC 2017 Prague.
Also, well established awards will be presented during the meeting including prestigious Martin Medal, Uwe Neue Award for industrial scientist, Georges Guiochon Faculty Fellowship for young full-time U.S. faculty member, J.F.K. Huber Lecture Award, Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award and Best Poster Award.


Czech Chromatographic School – HPLC 2017 

6th Czech Chromatographic School – HPLC 2017 was again in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in early spring: 12. – 15. 03. 2017.

The meeting was very successful and received more than 90 participants. Scientific program included 23 lectures in 7 sections and poster presentation section. Participants also appreciated a competing scientific workshop.