Research group of compliance-related outcomes

uvodni-str_logo-skupiny.jpgOur research group is currently focused on compliance-related outcomes in the treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes and rheumatic diseases. However, we are open to other areas concerning compliance research. We are going to develop close collaboration with foreign partners (Visegrad group, Central and Eastern Europe, countries with similar health care system or similar powerful economy in particular). 

Compliance is defined as an extent to which patient follows medical instructions (usually concerning drug use and life style adjustments). Poor compliance with treatment represents great public health concern both medically and economically. Generally about half of patients do not follow their prescribed treatment regimen and/or discontinue treatment within 1 year. Poor compliance results in increased mortality, more frequent complications and possibly decreased quality of life. The topic comprises also healthcare-professionals compliance with treatment guidelines and compliance with providing evidence-based care according to good clinical practice.

The global effort to maximize the therapeutic benefit of drugs and non-pharmacological procedures and limited financial resources in the health sector make compliance more than a current topic. Multinational studies (currently relatively sporadic and limited to self-reported methods) have shown significant differences in patient compliance with treatment of chronic conditions among populations and regions. It is difficult to identify general associations (positive correlates of compliance may represent negative ones in other environments).  Therefore it is important to carry out its own independent research for health and drug policy of each country.

Our aim is (1) to systematically develop research in the area of ​​compliance with treatment in order to maximize the effect and minimize the risks of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment approaches for selected chronic diseases and (2) to contribute to the efficient use of resources in health care.

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