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For teaching PE


Dear students,
Based on the state of emergency and the related crisis measures of the Ministry of Health, the Department of Physical Education decided to adopt the following forms of solutions for the teaching of physical education.


The following conditions are newly prepared for the fulfillment of the subject Physical Education and Sport:
1. Using the Strava.com application (running, bike),
2. Department of PE will organize voluntary trips to nature for students (if allowed),
3. All indoor PE lessons are canceled until further notice.
We also ask you to consider options for our sports teams (until the schools close completely). For registered athletes who are part of our sports units, the possibility of one hour of training for the sport will be maintained. The reason is the ongoing season of academic leagues and championships in football, floorball, basketball and volleyball.


Conditions for granting credit:
1. Strava.com - run 50km or bike 150km, a combination of bike run is possible (run / bike is 1/3) example is 16.6km run and 100km bike = fulfilled (33run and 50 bike),
2. Trips to nature: 10 active hours, with one block lasting 2 or more hours according to the offer of KTV on FB and the web. (internship 5 times outside the student has completed).


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