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Dear students, registration on sport activities will start on 2nd of October at 18:00 (6 PM) and will end on 3rd of October at 20:00 (20 PM). Enrollment will take the form of registration for an exam in SIS, where you will register an activity that you will attend every week



Changes in teaching  | 07/12/2021

Mgr. Bezouškova's and Mgr. Bezouška's teaching is canceled due to illness.


Exceptions 😉 :

Tuesday Bezouškova's hours remain unchanged.

Wednesday's self-defense is possible on a voluntary basis. Magda will lead.

Swimming also remains unchanged.


You either have the opportunity to switch to another sport and meet the attendance there. Or fill the TV with the Strava.com app 6km walk / 8km run / 15km bike = one lesson.

You do not need to replace the hours from this week. Everything is valid until next week.


Thank you for your understanding.

Covid regulations | 25/11/2021

Important message for students who are not vaccinated and have not undergone Covid.


You are not allowed to attend physical education classes at FVZ and swimming pool. Other classes continue without changes.


Options for obtaining credit for those who are not vaccinated and have not undergone Covid:

1.Go to another class, always contact the teacher of your chosen subject.

2.Use the STRAVA.com application 1 hour absence = 6km walk / 8km run / 15km bike. Tracks without GPS location and on simulators will not be accepted.


Restrictions are based on government regulations, so we are forced to follow them.


Thank you for your understanding.

STRAVA credit | 07/01/2021
For teaching PE | 09/10/2020

Dear students,
Based on the state of emergency and the related crisis measures of the Ministry of Health, the Department of Physical Education decided to adopt the following forms of solutions for the teaching of physical education.


The following conditions are newly prepared for the fulfillment of the subject Physical Education and Sport:
1. Using the Strava.com application (running, bike),
2. Department of PE will organize voluntary trips to nature for students (if allowed),
3. All indoor PE lessons are canceled until further notice.
We also ask you to consider options for our sports teams (until the schools close completely). For registered athletes who are part of our sports units, the possibility of one hour of training for the sport will be maintained. The reason is the ongoing season of academic leagues and championships in football, floorball, basketball and volleyball.


Conditions for granting credit:
1. Strava.com - run 50km or bike 150km, a combination of bike run is possible (run / bike is 1/3) example is 16.6km run and 100km bike = fulfilled (33run and 50 bike),
2. Trips to nature: 10 active hours, with one block lasting 2 or more hours according to the offer of KTV on FB and the web. (internship 5 times outside the student has completed).

Downhill ski course | 22/11/2019


Department of physical education organises downhill ski course. Course take place in Austria (Hochstein and Zettersfeld in Lienz). Term of course is 18.-24.2.2020, cost: 9950 Kč. Amount includes accommodation for 4 nights, 5 days ski-pass, food (breakfast and dinner) and transport.

Registration on course must be done until 30.11.2019 and deposit (3000 Kč) must be payed at department.

Course is for advanced skiers only and you must have your own equipment. Advanced skier means you know how to move on slope and you are able ride on many miles long ski slopes in Alps individually. As a participant of course you must obey these conditions, in case of non-obeying you will be discarded from course. 

If you are interested contact us: valektom@faf.cuni.cz, bezouskj@faf.cuni.cz

The schedule of physical education will be published on the web and Facebook of Department of physical education


Registration on physical education will be provided by SIS system as an exam. Every student, who wants enrol some physical education must be registered on the exam published by Department of physical education or contact particular teacher by e-mail. Exam is only because of registration, no testing.


Registration starts from 30.9. at 18:00 and ends 4.10. at 20:00


How to enrol exam:

In SIS system, there in note "EXAM" where you can find information about activity (sport, sport field, teacher).


Monday – Basketball 19:30 – 20:30 Mandysova school

Tuesday –Fitness 16:00 – 17:00 Department of physical education

In the note "INFORMATION" you find information about activity. The information about Department of physical education (teachers, sports, sport fields, courses) is available at website of department: http://portal.faf.cuni.cz/KTV/

Registration at exam is binding enrol of the activity. At the time of registration, you will know your study schedule and you can find some sport activity in your free time.


If you have some question, ask particular teacher. From 30.9. to 4.10 we are at the Department of physical education (address: Zámostí 683, Hradec Králové).


Physical education starts on 7.10 2019

Consulting hours | 25/06/2019

Approaching the time of holidays and courses. If you are coming to us, let us know in advance. Do not rely on consulting hours. It might happen that colleagues will not be on the KTV.

Summer course 2019 | 18/03/2019

Term:                      6. 7. (Saturday)  -  14. 7. 2019 (Sunday)

Place:                      Charles University Training Centre Horní Poříčí




Important notice:

Participation at the course is determined by the timely payment of the full price.

Participation at whole course is needed for obtaining 2 credits.


Course registration:


Registration at the course means payment of whole price for accommodation and food for 8 days (2 536,-Kč).


Accommodation for 8 days 736,-Kč (92,-Kč DPH/person/night). Price for all-day food is 1800,-Kč (breakfast, lunch, diner 225,-Kč DPH/person)


Term of payment:        1. 4.  -  31. 5. 2019


Payment options:


Bank transfer: account name FaF UK HK, account number 153149607/0300,

payment reference number 248, sum 2 536,-Kč, into massage for recipient write your whole name. Payment deadline is 31. 5. 2019! Payment must be executed in czech crowns only!!!!


In cash: at Department of Physical Education on working days in time 7.30am - 9.30am and 1pm – 2pm. (Zámostí 683, Hradec Králové)



For students who want a ride from Hradec Králové is limited count of seats in bus. In case of request carriage by bus, report it as a part of payment for course at secretary of Department of physical education (1. 4.  -  31. 5. 2019).

email: podhorska@faf.cuni.cz. 



Mgr. Jindřich Křoustek                                                        Mgr. Jiří Bezouška

        course leader                                                              chief of department

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