PharmDr. Anna Hošťálková, Ph.D.

Research focus

  • isolation of secondary metabolites from the family Amaryllidaceae, Berberidaceae, Magnoliaceae (isolation, analysis, structural identification)
  • in vitro biological activities of isolated compounds (AChE, BuChE, POP and cytotoxicity)


  • 2004-2009 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy, (Master degree), Thesis: Pyrazine derivatives as potential drugs III.
  • 2009-2015 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy, (Ph.D. degree), Dissertation: Study of Chemical Constituents of Taxons from Order Laurales and Ranunculales with Potential Neuroprotective Activity.

Current position

  • an assistant at the Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové


  • Dietary supplements – Nutraceuticals (lectures)
  • Pharmaceutical botany (practicals)
  • Toxicity of natural products (lectures)


Monographs (and chapters)


MACÁKOVÁ, K., KOLEČKÁŘ, V., CAHLÍKOVÁ, L., CHLEBEK, J., HOŠŤÁLKOVÁ, A., KUČA, K., JUN, D., OPLETAL, L.: Tannins and their influence on health. Recent Advances in Medicinal Chemistry. Bentham Science Publishers 1, 159-208 (2014).

CAHLÍKOVÁ, L., MACÁKOVÁ, K., BENEŠOVÁ, N., CHLEBEK, J., HOŠŤÁLKOVÁ, A., OPLETAL, L.: Natural compounds (small molecules) as potential and real drugs of Alzehimers disease: A critical review, in: Studies in natural products chemistry (ATTA-ur-RAHMAN, ed.), Chapter 6, Elsevier: Amsterdam 2014, pp. 153-194, ISBN: 978-0-444-63281-4.

Original papers


WIJAYA, V., JANDOUREK, O., KROUSTKOVA, J., HRADISKA-BREITEROVA, K., KORABECNY, O., SOBOLOVA, K., KOHELOVA, E., HOSTALKOVA, A., KONECNA, K., SAFRATOVA, M., VRABEC, R., KUNES, J., OPLETAL, O., CHLEBEK, J., CAHLIKOVA, L.: Alkaloids of Dicranostigma franchetianum (Papaveraceae) and berberine derivatives as a novel class of antimycobacterial agents. Biomolecules 12, 844 (2022).

VRABEC, R., MAŘÍKOVÁ, J., LOČÁREK, M., KORÁBEČNÝ, J., HULCOVÁ, D., HOŠŤÁLKOVÁ, A., KUNEŠ, J., CHLEBEK, J., KUČERA, T., HRABINOVÁ, M., JUN, D., SOUKUP, O., ANDRISANO, V., JENČO, J., ŠAFRATOVÁ, M., NOVÁKOVÁ, L., OPLETAL, L., CAHLÍKOVÁ, L.: Monoterpene indole alkaloids from Vinca minor L. (Apocynaceae): identification of new structural scaffold for treatment of Alzheimer´s disease. Phytochemistry 194, 113017 (2022).



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