ADINACO Research Group

The research group (Alzheimer’s DIsease and NAtural COmpounds) deals with a wider study of substances isolated from plants and fungi of the Eumycota division from the point of view of their effects on patophysiological processes influencing the development of the Alzheimer’s disease. The group carries out isolation and identification of substances, determination of biological activity on a wide group of enzymes in CNS. In cooperation with other workplaces the group prepares partial derivatives of substances, and deals also with the study of the possibility of using substances in Alzheimer disease prevention in the form of food additives.


  • Dr. Jakub Chlebek has been appointed  an associate professor in the field Pharmacognosy since 1st August 2021. Congratulations!!!

  • April 2021: our diploma student Martina Fejtková presented her work on “ Semi-synthetic derivates of β-carboline alkaloid harmine and their biological activity” at the Student Science Conference held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University. She was awarded for the best oral presentation in a section of biological sciences. Congratulations and fingers crossed in a national competition!!!


  • March 2021: dr. Kateřina Dolečková has become a new postgraduate studet of our  research group
  • March 2021: Mgr. Jaroslav Jenčo defended his disseration thesis in Bioanalytical Methods. Congratulations!!!
  • March 2021: Mgr. Aneta Ritomská obtained a financial support for her research from grant agency of Charles Univeristy (GA UK Nr. 328121: Ambelline – searching preferable sources for its isolation and preparation of novel derivatives with cytotoxic potential)


Members of ADINACO Research Group

  • in a greenhouse of the Garden of Medicinal Plants, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University.



From the left side: Lubomír Opletal, Rozálie Peřinová, Jaroslav Jenčo, Jakub Chlebek, Abdullah Al Mamun, Aneta Ritomská, Eliška Kohelová, Viriyanata Wijaya, Lenka Tůmová, a column, Rudolf Vrabec, Daniela Hulcová, Filip Pidaný, Anna Hošťálková, Marcela Šafratová, Tomáš Siatka, Lucie Cahlíková (the head of the group), Petra Němcová, and Kateřina Breiterová. Other members of the group, Jiří Janoušek and Negar Maafi were not present.

Doctoral students of ADINACO Research group


From the left side: Aneta Ritomská, Filip Pidaný, Viriyanata Wijaya, Abdullah Al Mamun, Rozálie Peřinová, Rudolf Vrabec, and Eliška Kohelová. Negar Maafi was not present (she is in Germany now - on Erasmus research fellowship).

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