Medicated microdispersion and nanodispersion systems

A group led by Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Milan Dittrich, CSc. focuses on the formulation and testing of medicated polymeric micro-dispersion and nano-dispersion systems, such as fibers, particles and membranes. Newly synthesized model carriers of supramolecular structures with high biocompatibility are formulated and their complex composition with a content of active ingredients such as antitumor agents and antifungal agents are studied.

The research group deals with rheological and thermal characterization of medicated biomaterials and engages with their interaction with a model hydrophilic environment accompanying biodegradation processes. Through AFM evaluates the essential variables of nanofibre formation of polymer membranes as carriers of active substances, particularly polymorphic and nano-mechanical material characteristics, technological possibilities to incorporate nanofiber membrane with active compounds using a unique technology of electrospinning. One-dimensional to three-dimensional dispersion systems are described in terms of granulometric aspects (PCS, Image Analysis), of surface parameters (zetametry, DLVO) and possibilities to increase their adhesivity to biological substrates are sought. The problems of solubility facilitation of biologically active compounds are solved based on increasing values of the surface energy and or on the formulation of solid dispersions. The kinetics of drug release under a variety of in vitro conditions and the influences of impulses from the external environment are studied. The aim is the standardization of the fate of active substances administered by maximizing their bioavailability.

Head of  R&D group

Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Milan Dittrich, CSc.

The selected publications and patents

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