Research and development funding

Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic:  Pharmaceutical antimicrobial preparation (ANTIMIKRO) – Research phase 1991-1994 ; developmental phase: 1994 – 1996 ; clinical phase 1999 – 2001 (head of the Workgroups of research and developmental phases)

Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Czech Republic: Prolonged vaccines based on biodegradable polymers – Research an development phases (Synpo, A.S.): 1997 – 2000 (vice-head of workgroup)

Charles University : Biodegradable polymers as drug carriers, IGA UK 2004 (head)

Charles University : Formulation of novel biodegradable implants, IGA UK 2006  (tutor)

Charles University : Preformulation and Formulation of  Biodegradable Preparations, IGA UK 2009  (tutor)

FRVS: Innovation of the Cosmetology for pharmacists as the educational subject, FRVS (principal investigator)

FRVS: Introduction of the model education activities  of microencapsulated drugs manufacturing and control, 2004

Ministry of industry and commerce of Czech Republic: The use of nanotechnology in the production of aerosols for the applications of vitamins and food additives, 2009-2011

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