The aim of our scientific and developmental activities in the field of drug delivery systems (DDS) can be subdivided into four categories:

Synthesis, testing and degradation study of synthesized drug carriers

We exploit the polycondensation method without the use of catalyst. We are focused mainly on branched molecule constitution of polyesters degradable nonenzymatically by homogenous and heterogeneous hydrolysis mechanism, which are erodible continuously and swellable in specific time-course and manner.

Formulation and testing of implantable DDS of the ISFI type

Our attention is focused on optimization of viscosity and tensioactivity of implantable systems with the aim of achieving suitable application by the use of injection needle.

Study of microparticulate and nanoparticulate biodegradable medicated systems

At formulation of microspheres and nanoparticles containing incorporated drug we exploit the physicochemical interactions between the molecules of drugs and the polymeric carrier in plasticized or dissolved systems. We use standard, easily scalling-up procedures for the particulate systems fabrication without any demands on special apparatuses. We are engaged in the development of methods of native dispersions processing. The focus of our technological interests is in obtaining long-term stable and easily applicable DDS.

Development of novel adhesive biocompatible systems

We are interested in the search for the novel possibilities of drug applications in the consequences of the improvement of pharmacotherapy mode. The focus of our technological interests is in the formulation of biocompatible, non irritating systems applicable directly on human and animal tissues.     


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