Research projects

Research in our lab is designed to better understand role the membrane transporters play not only in pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions (DDI), but to address in detail the role the transporters play pathological, mainly premalignant changes and in in the process of gaining drug resistance.

Our main research interests currently comprise:

  1. Evaluation of different features and molecular mechanisms of hematological malignancies with acute myeloid leukemia being the main focus. two main lines:
    1. ABC transporters in AML
      • The role of ABC transporters, generally known to be involved in chemotherapy failure and drug availability for cancer cells, formation of drug resistant subsets of AML cells, epigenetic regulation of the expression
      • Targeting drug resistance with novel targeted drugs
    2. Leukemia stem cells & intercellular communication
      • Characterization of resistant leukemia stem cells (LSC), a population of cells initiating relapse in AML patients, more insights into the bone marrow microenvironment
    3. Energetic metabolism of cells
      • L-carnitine in healthy and malignant cells
  2. Evaluation of the role ABC and OATP transporters in placental proinflammatory tissues and cellular transfer of cytokines. Involvement of L-carnitine and energetic metabolism in cellular development, differentiation and premalignant changes.


Currently, we collaborate with several national as well as foreign research teams, which allows us to evolve our scientific scope dynamically. We appreciate them and are opened for the establishment of the new ones. If you feel we could make meaningful work together, do not hesitate to contact us.

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