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 (from the left: Dr. Katerina Mala-Ladova, Dr. Josef Maly, MSc. Barbora Vankova, MSc. Jan Vosatka, MSc. Simona Dvorackova, Dr. Eva Zimcikova, Dr. Pavel Horky)
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Drug-related problems

Analyses of the drug-related problems (DRP) in inpatient and outpatient settings directed toward the minimization of the impact of DRP in patients as well as the development of the safe medication practices. Main research areas concern:

  • DRP management in various health care facilities

DRP are analyzed in inpatient settings offering common as well as specialized health care (standard hospital wards, emergency and intensive care units; geriatric wards; rehabilitation centers), outpatient setting (community and hospital pharmacies), and social facilities (home for the elderly; nursing homes). On of the longterm cooperations is rehabilitation centre where the analyses of DRP and drug administration provided by nurses are conducted.

  • DRP and falls

Complex analyses of DRP concerning falls caused by pharmacotherapy in inpatient health care facilities. This research project is currently supported by AZV grant of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and is in cooperation with Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

  • Analyses of DRP and drug administration provided by nurses
  • Associations between the use of antiepileptic agents and bone quality

Professional information on medicines

Systematic collection and analyses of information on medicines in relation to clinical practice of health care professionals: medicines information needs in groups of both health care professionals and patients, quality of available information on medicines, information of medicines as a factor influencing patients´ medication taking behavior, etc. These activities are connected with the Drug Information Center for Health Professionals of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove and University Hospital Hradec Kralove. Ongoing project:

  • Deep analysis of 20-year history of Drug Information Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy in HK and University Hospital HK

Aspects concerning patient´s attitudes to the therapy

Evaluation of various aspects which can influence the therapeutic value including engagement of patients in their treatment regimens. Based on existing models examining patients´ behavior, the research is aimed to:

  • Beliefs about medications

Model consists of Necessity – Concerns Framework potentially useful for understanding the attitudes of patients to the use of (prescribed) medicines across a wide range of conditions, medications, and study locations. For our research purposes, we validated the Czech translation of the globally used instrument The Beliefs about Medication Questionnaire (BMQ‑CZ; Matoulkova P, et al. 2013) and use it in the specific treatment areas (e.g. statin therapy in cardiovascular prevention, long-term chronic therapy among pharmacy clients).

  • Theory of planned behavior

On the principles of theory of planned behavior, determinants of patients´, and health care professionals’ behavior (particularly in general practitioners and pharmacists) towards using medicines, prescribing, and recommending medicines (OTC SOCIOMED) are studied.

  • Medication adherence

Evaluation of medication adherence in long-term therapy, particularly focusing on ways of measuring medication adherence, factors potentially influencing it, clinical impact of patients´ medication taking behavior, and methodological problems needed to take into account in designing of studies on medication adherence. For our research purposes, we validated the Czech translation of the globally used instrument TheMadication Adherence Report Scale (MARS-CZ; Ladova K, et al. 2014) and use it in the specific treatment areas (e.g. statin therapy in cardiovascular prevention, patient after kidnye transplantation). Ongoing projects:

  • Medication adherence in patients after kidney transplantation in cooperation with Hemodialysis Centre, Teaching Hospital HK
  • Medication adherence and rational pharmaceutical care in patients with atrial fibrillation treated by oral anticoagulants in cooperation with Teaching Hospital Brno Bohunice and International Pharmacists Anticoagulation Care Taskforce (iPACT)
  • Attitudes and believes on HPV infection and vaccination in students of high schools

Pharmacovigilance activities and drug utilization research

Some of our research activities are focused on pharmacovigilance in the Czech Republic and Europe, for instance, regulations of pharmacovigilance activities, use and effectiveness of spontaneous adverse-effect reporting by health care professionals as well as patients (or lay people), and knowledge of health care professionals regarding legislation on pharmacovigilance and implementation of pharmacovigilance in medical education.

  • Drug utilization reseach is around by prof. Jiri Vlcek and his team focused on analyses of use of anti-infective agents in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in inpatient and outpatient settings. The research activities are also focused on antimicrobial drug consumption (international participation in a Europe-wide network of national surveillance systems, ESAC-Net), and epidemiology and management of infectious diseases.
  • Re-newly established cooperation with State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) has been initiated for drug consumption analyses as well as analyses of adverse drug effects (ADE) from spontaneous ADE reporting database, mainly focused on:
    • Anitcoagulation drugs (e.g. warfarin, DOAC, LMWHs)
    • Vaccination (e.g. MenB vaccine uptake and number of reported cases with MenB infection)
    • Anticonvulsives
    • Hypolipidemics
    • ...

Cooperators: PharmDr. Petra Matoulková, Ph.D. (Pharmacoepidemiology, professional drug information, theory of planned behavior)


Our research is based on principles of pharmacoepidemilogic studies concerning prospective and retrospective data collection. Various database sets and self-reported methods are used.

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