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Drug efflux transporters from the family of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters, i.e., P‑glycoprotein (ABCB1), breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP, ABCG2), and multidrug resistance proteins (MRPs, ABCCs), are well known for their widespread body distribution and promiscuous substrate specificity. They are capable of actively pumping their substrates out of cells, thereby affecting the pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution and elimination) of various drugs, toxins and endogenous substances. These transporters are generally believed to play an important physiological role in tissue protection and detoxication. In addition, ABC drug efflux transporters are also responsible for multidrug resistance in cancer when pumping cytotoxic drugs out of the cancer cells.


In our research, we study the role of ABC drug efflux transporters and solute carrier SLC transporters in body disposition and cancer resistance; in particular:

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