Skin barrier research group

Skin barrierThe primary function of the skin is to protect our body from water loss and the entrance of potential toxic compounds, allergens, irritants and microbes. The principal barrier to the penetration of most compounds resides in the uppermost skin layer, the stratum corneum, which consists of several layers of corneocytes embedded in a lamellar lipid matrix. This lipidic “mortar” rich in ceramides is considered the main pathway for the diffusion of substances into the body.

Our research includes the investigation of the skin barrier lipids and transdermal drug delivery.



  • December 2017: Andrej defended his Ph.D. thesis "Studium vlivu hydroxylace ceramidů na permeabilitu a mikrostrukturu modelových lipidových membrán"
  • November 2017: Lukáš received Josef Hlávka Prize

  • September 2017: Michaela and Andrej with prof. Dr. Riccardo Ghidoni, PhD at 12th Sphingolipid Club Meeting (Trabia, Sicily, Italy)     

  • August 2017: Monika, Michaela, Anna and Lukáš attended the Gordon Research Conference: barrier Function of Mammalian Skin in Waterville Valley, USA (photo from New York, Grand Central Terminal)

  • January 2017: Andrej Kováčik won 3rd place in competition "Interpretation of vibrational spectra” (Prague)
  • September 2016: Lukáš Opálka defended his Ph.D. thesis "Syntéza lidských ω-O-acylceramidů a hodnocení jejich vlivu na bariérové vlastnosti kožních lipidových membrán"
  • September 2016: Lukáš Opálka won a prize in an EBSA Student Competition on EJTEMM Conference 2016


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