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Summer course


Basic summer course 2022



The basic summer course is not a sports event only, but especially a teambuilding event.

The course is 9 days and can´t be attended for 3 or 4 days only. Our course is not about credits only. The experiences, friendships and contacts you will get here will go with you during your studies, and in your later professional life also.


Date: 1 July - 9 July 2022

Location: Charles University Training Center in Horní Poříčí near Strakonice


  1. Course registration
  2. Course payment
  3. Instructions for participants
  4. Do you want to know what you're going to do?


Important Notice:

  • Timely payment of the entire amount is necessary for the participation in the course.
  • The condition for granting the credit (2 credits) is participation in the whole course.
  • Persons without payment for the course will not be admitted to the area.
  • Transportation to and from the course is private, the number of parking spaces is limited.



You can look forward to:

sports program - volleyball, beach volleyball, softball, frisbee, floorball, tennis, table tennis, soccer, orienteering, canoeing, shooting, summer biathlon, tournaments, climbing, music exercise, ringo, croquet, intercross, pétanque, etc.


cultural program - karaoke, masquerade, toasting, quiz, disco evening, cultural competition program, etc.






 Mgr. Jiří Bezouška


 Head of the department


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