Efficiency and Safety Improvement of Current Drugs and Nutraceuticals: Advanced Methods – New Challenges (EFSA–CDN)

EFSA-CDNProject name

Efficiency and safety improvement of current drugs and nutraceuticals: advanced methods – new challenge (EFSA-CDN)

Project registration number:


Funded by:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Operation programme name:

Operation Programme Research, Development and Education

Project implementation:

1st January 2018 – 30th June 2023

Budget of the project:

212 766 530 CZK (about 8.2 mil EUR)

Project guarantor

prof. RNDr. Petr Solich, CSc.

Project annotation

The EFSA-CDN project shall support excellent interdisciplinary research at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Králové (FoP CU) with potential for development of quality applied results in the long-term. The goal is to increase the efficiency and safety of drugs and nutraceuticals and to increase the competitiveness of the R&D centre at international scale through implementation of the key activities supporting quality research, development of research teams with participation of excellent foreign researchers, upgrade of infrastructure, internationalization and project management in all of its stages.

Goal of the project

The EFSA-CDN project supports problem-oriented research of interdisciplinary character in the field of improving the efficiency and safety of drugs and nutraceuticals through developing selected excellent research teams comprised of the best FoP CU workers with expertise R3 and R4, foreign excellent scientists with extensive experience from US, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, France, but also talented young researchers, 3 research programmes, especially in the field of synthesising and developing new anti-infective and anticancer drugs and antidotes, in overcoming drug resistance, enzyme xenobiochemistry and drug transporters, in the biopharmacy of the skin and the placental barriers, and in new analytical methods for the development of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. EFSA-CDN develops international partnerships with leading scientific and research institutions abroad in order to prepare joint international projects (at the level of H2020 grants), contributes significantly to the modernisation of instrumentation infrastructure and makes it possible to promote and integrate highly motivated young researchers from both the Czech Republic and foreign universities into this project. The achievement of the project’s sub-objectives contributes to the main objective, i.e. to helping continue the excellent results in several fields of pharmaceutical research concerning the safety and efficiency of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, improve the internationally-competitive quality of research and work towards the commercialisation of scientific results with the prospect of long-term use.

Interdisciplinary EFSA-CDN research team is consisted of 3 research programmes:

  • RP 1 Biological sciences in the pharmaceutical research and development of drugs and nutraceuticals:
    Principal research team manager: Prof. Petr Pávek, 17 members.
    Research interest: Experimental pharmacology and oncology; Xenobiochemistry and cardiovascular toxicology; Socio-economic aspects of pharmacotherapy.
  • RP 2 Structural modifications as a tool to improve drug safety:
    Principal research team manager: Prof. Milan Pour, 14 members.
    Research interest: Development of new synthetic technologies; Anti-infective agents; Photodynamic therapy; Skin ceramides.
  • RP 3 Analytical sciences for safer drugs and nutraceuticals:
    Principal research team manager: Assoc. Prof. Lucie Nováková, 13 members.
    Research interest: Sample preparation, Instrumental analysis, Interpretation of the results and practical application.

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This project NO. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000841:
Efficiency and safety improvement of current drugs and nutraceuticals: advanced methods – new challenges (EFSA–CDN) is co-funded by the European Union.


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