• November 2015: Veronika deepens her knowledge of fluorescence on a 13th European short course on “Principles and Applications of Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy”, where she discusses various problems with prof. Lakowicz, the famous guru in fluorescence.

  • October 2015: our paper published in Chemistry - A European Journal dealing with pH fluorescence sensors was selected for Back Cover picture.

  • October 2015: two new PhD students joined our group - Jan Kollár and Mona Abas Shalaby.

  • September 2015: two members of our group (Lukáš Lochman, Jan Švec) went for a short research stay to the group of Assoc. Prof. kand. Sergey Borisov (Technical University of Graz, Austria). They work there on the preparation of sensor devices.

  • May 2015: Pavel Cermak was highly successful also on the Supranational round of the Students´ Science Conference which was organized in cooperation with Zentiva. He was awarded second place by the committee composed of academic members and also second place by the committee of Zentiva. Congratulation!

  • April 2015: Pavel Cermak, one of our diploma students, won the chemical section of the XXIII. Students´ Science Conference (held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove) with his talk "Preparation and photophysical evaluation of tetra-3,4-pyridoporphyrazines suitable for PDT".

  • March 2015: Veronika Novakova became Docent (equiv. Assoc. Prof.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry after succesful habilitation (thesis: The study of structural and photophysical aspects of azaphthalocyanines with the focus on their sensoric properties). Congratulation!

  • February 2015: Slavek Machacek participated on a "7th European Short Course on “Time-resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy" to deepen his knowledge in the principles of time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and its applications to the Life Sciences.

  • January 2015: Detailed study of the PDT activity and the mode of cell death induction of cationic phthalocyanines was published in J. Med. Chem.


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