Faculty staff

Prof. PharmDr. Petr Zimčík, Ph.D. (group leader)
Petr coordinates all the work of the team. He is also trying to do at least something in the lab – synthesis, photophysical and photochemical measurements, liposomes preparation. The attempts are not always successful, in particular the synthetic ones (Am I old to work in the lab?)


Doc. PharmDr. Veronika Nováková, Ph.D. (group leader of the PRIMUS team)
Veronika coordinates the subgroup working on her PRIMUS project. Actually, it consists of three postdocs, two PhD students and several Master students. This project is focused on synthesis of phthalocyanines for the use as fluorescence sensors or photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy.

During her PhD, she was doing everything – starting from synthesis ending with liposomes preparation. She is our expert on photochemical and photophysical measurements. She explained phenomenon of ICT, developed the pH sensitive AzaPcs, sensors for metal cations and has found several synthetic approaches to AzaPcs with complicated synthesis.


Doc. PharmDr. Miroslav Miletín, Ph.D.
Mirek is our oligonucleotide expert. He works on the development of new quenchers of fluoerscence. He prepared also some new delivery systems for photosensitizers (micelles, nanoemulsions, ...). He is also interested in binding of fluorescent AzaPcs to oligonucleotides.


PharmDr. Jiří Demuth, Ph.D. - member of the PRIMUS team

Jura works on the synthesis of aza-analogues of phthalocyanines usable as dark quenchers in oligonucleotide probes. Jura′s next topic is synthesis and study tetrapyrazinoporphyraznes suitable for supramolecular interaction into J-dimers. He participates also in preparation of unsymmetrical phthalocyanines for photodynamic therapy.



RNDr. Miloslav Macháček, Ph.D. - member of Molecular and Cellular Toxicity Group, member of the PRIMUS team

Slávek focused mainly on in vitro testing on photodynamic activity of phthalocyanines and their aza-analogues. Beside essential characteristics (such as phototoxicity, dark toxicities, subcellular localization), he performs advanced in vitro studies describing the mode of cell death, oxidative stress and effect of photosenzitizers on particular cell organelles.


Postdoc students


Dr. Jibin Alex Abraham, Ph.D. - EFSA-CDN project

Alex focuses his synthetic effort to preapared unsymmetrical phthalocyanines.

PhD students


Mgr. Michaela Beranová- member of the PRIMUS team

Míša focuses on synthesis of silicon phthalocyanines and their aza-analogues as photosenzitizers for photodynamic therapy, fluorescence sensors or quenchers of fluorescence.


Mgr. Lucia Rychvalská

Lucka works on synthesis of phthalocyanines suitable for supramolecular assembly with various guest molecules (e.g. cucurbiturils) with the aim to prepare water-soluble non-aggregating photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy.


MSc. Mary Angelia Alfred - member of the PRIMUS team

Angelle focuses on synthesis of switchable macrocycles (phthalocyanines, subphthalocyanines and porphyrazines) with sensitive moiety attached in the axial position. She also studies sensitivity and selectivity of target derivatives by the mean of UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. Prepared derivatives are designed either as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy or as fluorescence sensors for bioimaging.


Mgr. Jana Lapešová

Jana is an expert on supramolecular chemistry of cucurbiturils and bambusurils as she defended her Master Thesis at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) under the supervision of prof. Vladimir Šindelář, Ph.D. In our group, she decided to dedicate her PhD to devolepment of new switches based on cucurbituril host-guest chemistry.


PharmDr. Eva Danková

Eva investigates novel modalities to synthesize low-symmetrical phthalocyanines and their analogues. The project is done in cooperation with prof. Aleš Růžička, Ph.D. (Univerzita Pardubice, Czech Republic). In contrast to commonly used non-selective approaches, she developes selective ones, which are predicted to  provide low-symmetrical species in higher yields.


Mgr. Štefan Bednárik

Štefan investigates an unique essambly of zinc phthalocyanines and their analogues into J-dimers. He tries to reveal important factors influencing the association constants, e.g. the type of peripehral groups, distance and position of nitrogen coordinating central zinc(II) in J-dimer.


Current Undergraduate students

Jakub Holčák – synthesis of azaphthalocyanines forming J-dimers


Past members

PharmDr. Jan Kollár, Ph.D. - works in APIGENEX
PharmDr. Filip Kostelanský, Ph.D. - works in Generi Biotech
PharmDr. Lukáš Lochman, Ph.D. - works at Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles university
Mgr. Antonín Cidlina, Ph.D.
Mgr. Lenka Váchová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Jan Švec, Ph.D. (postdoc)
PharmDr. Kamil Kopecký, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Miroslav Kostka, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Zbyněk Musil, Ph.D.


Visiting researchers/students/posdocs

Rahul Kaushik (posdoc, India, 2020-2021)
Ahmad Tuhl (postdoc, Kuwait)
Rabia Zeynep Uslu Kobak (postdoc, Turkey, 2010)
Ivan Skvortsov (Ph.D., Russia, 2019)
Daria Nawrot (Erasmus student, Poland, 2017)
Bartosz Małachwiej (Erasmus student, Poland, 2014)
Wojciech Krzemień (Erasmus student, Poland, 2020)
Merve İpek Şenipek (Erasmus student, Turkey, 2018)


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