Research group aims with the research in the field of dosage forms formulation, modified drug release and development of drug delivery systems for targeted distribution of drugs. This particularly include:

1. Particulate aspects of the flow and consolidation behaviour of pharmaceutical powder materials including cohesion and surface energy (Hurychová et al 2018a, 2018b, Trpělková et al 2020a, 2020b, Brokešová et al 2022b, Marushka et al 2022, Svačinová et al 2022).

2. Compaction process and its influencing by the excipients used, their properties and the methods of their production, e.g. co-processing and granulation (Macho et al 2021a, 2021b; Mužíková et al. 2018, 2019; Vodáčková et al 2018). Various methods are methodologically employed such as the flow & compaction equations, force-displacement method, stress relaxation kinetic, and kinetic of tablet disintegration. The results are successfully used in collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Zentiva Group, a.s., Teva Czech Industries s.r.o. and others. The mathematical and statistical techniques (DoE, PCA, multiregression analysis) are performed to the experiments & results (collaboration with doc. dipl. mat. J. DuintjerTebbens).

3. The the improvement of solubility of drugs by preparation of interactive mixtures (Brokešová et al 2022), liquisolid systems (Vraníková et al 2021, Vraníková et al. 2020) and self-emulsifying systems; the preparation of the biodegradable solid dispersions and matrix systems with prolonged (Muzikova et al. 2021, Komersová et al. 2016, 2018) or fasted (ODT) (Dominik et al 2021, Tranová et al 2021, Svačinová et al 2019, Mužíková et al. 2019) release or targeted into colon.

4. The preparation of biodegradable nanoparticulate, membrane drug delivery systems based on PLGA derivatives (Kožák 2021a, Kožák 2021b, Snejdrova et al 2020, Martiška et al 2019) for application on the mucosal (Berka P et al 2019) or the dermal tissue (Snejdrova et al 2021) and the preparation of lipid carriers for dermal and transdermal drug delivery.

5. The development of oromucosal freeze-dried products for application of vaccines, immunoprotection and desenzitisation (project MPO 2019-2021).

6. The formulation and stability studies of the extemporaneously compounded preparations, particularly for pediatric patients, in the hospital pharmacy with close relationships with National Pharmacopoeia and practice (Zahálka et al. 2018).

7. Study of rheological behaviour and bioadhesive properties of polymeric systems, drug carriers, and newly formulated generic semisolid  preparations (Siska et al 2019).

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