Technology Transfer

Formulation and Evaluation of Solid and Liquid Dosage Forms

The members of the research team deal with the formulation, development and evaluation of solid and liquid dosage forms. Particularly, we are interested in powders, granules and tablets, as well as in oral, ophthalmic and parenteral liquid dosage forms.

We study parameters of mixing process and the mixture homogeneity using the spectroscopic methods. We evaluate flow properties of the pharmaceutical powders and granules and study the influencing factors. We investigate the compressibility of new dry binders and co-processed dry binders for direct compression in combination with the glidants, lubricants, disintegrants, and the active pharmaceutical substances (API). We use a fluid-bed granulation to develop orodispersible granules and tablets. Using the formulation of liquisolid systems, we increase the bioavailability of API. We use the energy profile of compression to evaluate the compressibility of tablet mixtures. We study parameters of the compaction equation, the stress relaxation and the kinetic of tablet crushing. We investigate the relationship between the energy of compression and creation and elimination of interparticle bonds during the compression process. We collaborate in the scope of dissolution of substances and dissolution testing. We develop new formulations of oral liquid preparations with API and evaluate their stability. We evaluate surface tension, density, and osmolality of liquid preparations.

We collaborate with academic partners in the Czech Republic and partners abroad as well as with different pharmaceutical manufacturers. We publish the results of our research in the respected international journals.

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