Strategic partnerships

The strategic partners will contribute to improving the quality of research, namely through implementing joint research projects and publication of the results. Representative of the strategic partner will also participate in the STARSS Project Board (PB) (advisory project body).

  1. R&D institution REQUIMTE, Portugal (guarantor: prof. M. Segundo) – the main strategic partner
  2. University of Balearic Islands, Spain (guarantor: prof. M. Miro)
  3. University of Melbourne, Australia (guarantor: prof. S. Kolev)
  4. University of Geneva, Switzerland, (guarantor: Dr. Davy Guillarme)

The Area of mutual cooperation

  • Participation in the preparation of publications written by domestic and foreign researchers as co-authors (monographs, scientific articles, thematic collections, etc.)
  • Cooperation on mentoring PhD students and early stage researchers
  • Exchange of information, organization of seminars, colloquia and symposia
  • Participation in preparation of new research proposals
  • Further development of international activities by organizing international team meetings scheduled at least 1x a year. These meetings will be organized in the form of workshops/seminars, experts both from foreign institutions of strategic partners but also from other institutions of high importance in separation science will be invited to participate
  • Short-term and long-term traineeships in strategic partners' or other R&D institutions abroad
  • Participation in the STARSS Project Board (PB) which decides on the direction of the project plan
  • Close cooperation with the KFR (prof. F. Švec) and the STARSS project guarantors (prof. P. Solich, Assoc. Prof. L. Nováková)
  • Other forms of cooperation to which the Parties agree

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