Early stage researches showed high level

26. 1. 2018

8th Postgraduate and 6th Postdoc Conference (24th and 25th January 2018) - local conference dedicated to early stage researchers held in Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University fulfill the aims – the place for practice of presentation and discussion of results and introduce strategic partners of STARSS project. Opening session gave the inspiration for youth by the lectures of Prof. František Švec - Preparation of manuscript that is likely to be accepted in high end journal, Prof. Marcela Segundo, University of Porto, Portugal - Bead injection for (bio)chemical analysis and Prof. Spas Kolev, University of Melbourne, Australia - Environmental Pollutant Sensing on a Paper-Based Microfluidic Platform. Following 7 sessions were a room for 15-minute lectures of ESRs. Total number of conference participants was over 150 and among 76 presenting ESR were all PhD students and postdocs of STARSS project.

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Practice makes perfect

10. 1. 2018

The project supports 8th Postgraduate and 6th Postdoc Conference - local conference dedicated to junior researchers held in Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University. Not only members of the STARSS team have a great opportunity to present and discuss results of their research by short lectures. Three lectures of renowned professors (strategic partners of STARSS) during the opening part of the conference give even greater chance to learn something new and to be inspired.      

How to present scientific data?

13. 12. 2017
Workshop supported by STARSS project will be organized on 15. January 2018 by STARSS team member Dr. Juraj Lenčo. It will be focused on the oral presentation of scientific data - preparation of slideshow, design of slideshow, presentation of results, specifics of oral presentation, non-verbal communication, training of speech, etc. The workshop intended for PhD students and early-stage researches, includes one theoretical lecture and one practical lecture. 

STARSS conference on Separation Science (4 - 5 December, 2017)

6. 12. 2017

The first of the serie of conferences of STARSS project was held in Hradec Králové at Nové Adalbertinum venue on Monday and Tuesday, 4 - 5 December, 2017. We are thankful to all of invited speakers for accepting invitation and to all of you - attendants for such a huge interest.  The programme was prepared in cooperation with our international partners, to coverd wide variety of applications and different approaches. The scientific program was of a high quality thanks to presentations of excellent speakers:

Prof. Manuel Miró, University of Balearic Islands, Spain - Automatic sorptive microextraction in mesofluidic platforms

Dr. Sebastiaan Eeltink, Vrije Uninvesiteit Brussels, Belgium - Advances in microfluidic chip technology for separation science

Dr. Jean-Christophe Garrigue, University Toulouse III, France - New supramolecular sorbents for green sample-prep and trace analysis

Dr. Laura Mercolini, University of Bologna, Italy - Microsampling in bioanalysis: advances, challenges and perspectives

Prof. František Švec, Charles University, Hradec Králové - Myths about monolithic columns: False or true?

Dr. Daniel Seifert, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež - Microfluidic systems in radiopharmacy

Dr. Burkhard Horstkotte, Charles University, Hradec Králové - What flow techniques and Lab-In-Syringe can do for sample preparation?

Dr. Petr Chocholouš, Charles University, Hradec Králové - Various approaches in the on-line Solid-Phase Extraction using flow analysis manifold

Dr. Ondřej Novák, Palacky University, Olomouc - SPE-based microextractions in plant hormone analysis

Dr. Juraj Lenčo, Charles University, Hradec Kralové - Do we still need nanospray for exploratory proteomics?


and two workshops (including discussions) on presented topics 

please read here for more details  

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Joint meeting of projects STARSS and UNCE 20426

13. 10. 2017

Afternoon on 12. October was dedicated to the Joint meeting of two projects STARSS and UNCE 20426. The programme included four presentations of young scientists (H. Navrátilová, J. Chlebek, K. Macáková and B. Horstkotte), and presentation and workshop of 3D printing.


Group meeting of project STARSS

26. 9. 2017

Group meeting of project STARSS was held on 26. September in Dean’s Office Meeting hall, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové

Work presentations and discussion:

  1. Dr. Maria Khalikova, Ph.D. - UHPSFC/ESI-MS lipidomic analysis of tissues and plasma from kidney cancer patients
  2. Mgr. Kateřina Plachká - Ultra high-performance supercritical fluid chromatography in impurity control 


21st ICFIA (International Conference on Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques), St. Petersburg, Russia

2. - 8. 9. 2017

Group members presented results of their work - 4 oral presentations (P. Solich - Role of monoliths in flow analysis, B. Horstkotte - Lab-in-syringe automated of head-space extraction coupled online to FID-GC for sensitive determination of BTEX in surface waters, P. Chocholouš - Various approaches in the on-line solidphase extraction for trace metals analysis, H. Sklenářová - Automation of luciferase determination in a sequential injection system with chemiluminescence detection for cytotoxicity testing) and 5 posters (H. Sklenářová, I. Šrámková, D. Šatínský, K. Fikarová). Co-chairing of 2 section by our group members (Solich, Chocholouš) show strong position of in the field of automated flow analysis based techniques. Hot topics presented on the conference were in close relation with sample pre-treatment and separation (new materials (nano, 3D, crystal structures, ...) and method approches); hyphenation of flow analysis techniques with high performance separation (HPLC, GC, CE, ...) and detection ICP/MS, MS/MS, ...  The conference was dedicated to the 80th birthday of prof. Gary D. Christian renowned author of textbook Analytical Chemistry (published in 7th Edition). Meetings with Strategic partners (prof. Spas Kolev - University of Melbourne, prof. Miro - University of Balearic Islands) improved the cooperation within the project STARSS.

K. Fikarová - was awarded with price for the best poster!

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13. 7. 2017

"Expert in liquid chromatography connected with mass detection" - more details 


HPLC 2017 Prague (International symposium on separation techniques)

18. - 22. 6. 2017 

Group members presented results of their scientific work - 3 oral presetations (Lucie Nováková - Development of UHPSFC-MS method for high-throughput analysis of vitamin E isomers and evaluation of matrix effects when using different sample preparation approaches, Maria Khalikova - UHPSFC/ESI-MS lipidomic analysis of tissues and plasma from kidney cancer patients and František Švec - Myths about monolithic columns: False or true?) and 15 posters. František Švec presented two tutorial lessons Monolithic columns: Why, how, and for what?  and Scientific writing & publishing.

M.Parmová, L.Chocholoušová, D.Šatínský, J. Chvojka - Polyamide nanofibers as the sorbents for on-line SPE-HPLC determination of Bisphenol A in river water samples was awarded Best Poster Award, awarded by the Symposium and sponsored by Agilent Technologies)

prof. František Švec was awarded Medal of University of Pardubice

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Group meeting of project STARSS (Dean’s Office Meeting hall, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové)

14. 6. 2017

Group meeting of project STARSS was held on 14. June in Dean’s Office Meeting hall, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové

Work presentations and discussion:

  1. PharmDr. Ivana Horstkotte Šrámková, Ph.D. - Testing of nanofibers as potential SPE sorbents using a SIA system
  2. Mgr. Veronika Pilařová, Ph.D. - Modern microextraction approaches as an important tool for pretreatment of biological matrices
  3. Mgr. Lucie Zelená - Automation of analytical processes using flow methods
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