Pharmacy is focused on ensuring safe and effective use of pharmaceuticals. Analytical chemistry is an indispensable tool to accomplish this task in all regards. It is important during the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to perform the stability studies and the description of impurities. Similarly, new drug candidates originating from natural sources cannot be searched and identified without appropriate analytical methods. Detailed description of metabolites, pharmacokinetics, efficacy and toxicity need to be provided in pre-clinical and in clinical studies.
Later on, quality control (QC) methods are needed to ensure drug substance and drug product quality. Bioanalytical methods for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) are necessary for some particular drugs and for special group of patients, such as e. g. patients treated for epilepsy or some cardiovascular diseases. TDM is also important for post-marketing drug surveillance and monitoring of adverse effects of drugs. Finally, increasing consumption of pharmaceuticals becomes an emerging problem, which requires a development of highly sensitive methods for the determination of residues of pharmaceuticals in the environmental samples. uhplc.png


Analytical Chemistry Group (ACG) is focused mainly on development of new, fast, sensitive and reliable analytical methods, compatible with the environment, with the emphasis to reduced analysis time, sample and solvent consumption.

Following research lines are currently developed:

(1) Pharmaceutical analysis

  • Optimization and development of rapid and reliable methods for the quality control of pharmaceuticals.
  • Study of degradation products of drugs and sensitive impurity detection.
  • Analysis of veterinary products.

(2) Bioanalytical methods

  • Analysis of drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids (urine, serum, plasma) for the adjustment of therapeutic dosage.
  • Determination of pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs.
  • Analysis of antioxidants in biological materials.
  • Analysis of clinical markers for oncology, cardiovascular diseases and diseases connected with ageing.
  • Monitoring of quorum-sensing process of bacteria.
  • Modern methods for sample preparation and pre-concentration of biological fluids (MEPS, DLLME).

(3) Analysis of plant material

  • Development of sensitive methods for analysis of antioxidants and other biologically active compounds in plant extracts.
  • Identification of structures of natural compounds.

(4) Environmental analysis

  • Development of analytical methods for the analysis of emergent organic pollutants in natural water samples and wastewater samples (antibiotics, hormones, etc.).
  • Determination of the efficiency of wastewater treatment process.

(5) Food and dietary supplements analysis

  • Quality control of dietary supplements.

(6) Fundamental analytical research - automated analytical methods

  • Automation in analytical chemistry using micro-flow methods (SIA, SIC).
  • Miniaturization of analytical instrumentation using Lab-on-valve format (SIA-LOV).
  • Automation of sample preparation techniques (DV-SIA).

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