News - 2019

Aleš Šorf defended his dissertation & continues as postdoc

With Christmas around the corner, it is safe to say that Aleš has given himself one of the best presents - PhD. behind his name! Aleš presented all the work he’s done during his doctoral studies, got an outstanding feedback from the reviewers and successfully battled through a bunch of questions during his oral presentation. What’s even better is that he decided to stay and continue here at the faculty as postdoc and we are delighted that such brainiac remains a part of our team!

Presentations at 69th Czech-Slovak Pharmacological Days

PhotoIn September our group leader Martina Čečková was invited to speak at 69th Czech-Slovak Pharmacological Days, Czech conference that took place in Prague. She introduced the main interests of our research group when it comes to protein kinase inhibitors as modulators of pharmacokinetic mechanisms of multidrug resistance focusing on acute leukemia.

Meanwhile, our PhD student Simona Suchá presented all the results from the first two years of her doctoral studies on a poster presentation entitled “Midostaurin Inhibits ABCB1 and ABCG2 and Enhances Daunorubicin and Mitoxatrone Induced Apoptosis of AML Cells”.


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