Research Funding


  • 2012-2015 - Charles University Research Centre UNCE 204026/2012 („Study of Drugs and Other Biologically-Active Substances Perspective in Prevention and Treatment of Important Lifestyle Diseases“)
  • 2005-2011 - participation on Research project MZO 00179906 („New diagnostic markers and therapeutic procedures based on different periods of life with emphasis on aging") of Centre for Research and Development of University Hospital in HK

  • 1998 – 2001 – grant –project of health support of MZ – Nutrition in pregnancy and in lactation – prevention of mother´s and child´s health
  • Research project of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports MSM 0021620820
  • PRVOUK P40



  • Research program Development and Study of Drugs (Progres Q42)

  • Conceptual development of research organization (University Hospital in HK, 00179906) - Ministry of Health, Czech Republic

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