In Press

  • Patkova A, Joskova V, Havel E, Najpaverova S, Uramova D, Kovarik M, Zadak Z, Hronek M. Prognostic value of respiratory quotients in severe polytrauma patients with nutritional support. Nutrition. Accepted manuscript in press. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2017.10.013. (IF: 3.420)


  • On the 2nd December 2016 received the article "Distribution of clinical phenotypes in a population of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (a pilot analysis of baseline data in a Czech multicenter research database of COPD)" the prize of the Committee of the Czech Pneumological and Phthisiological Society for the second best original research article published in journal Studia pneumologica and Phthiseologica in 2015.
  • Travel award on 38th ESPEN congress (Copenhagen, Denmark, 17th- 20th September 2016) for poster:
    • Patkova A, Joskova V, Havel E, Kovarik M, Zadak Z, Hronek M. The effect of energy and nutritional substrate intake on their oxidation and the energy expenditure in polytrauma patients in ICU.


  • XIX. sympozium klinické farmacie Reného Macha (Mikulov, Czech Republic, 24th- 25th November 2017) - lecture:
    Patková A, Josková V, Havel E, Kovařík M, Zadák Z, Hronek M​. Klinické využití respiračního kvocientu z nepřímé kalorimetrie u kriticky nemocných pacientů na jednotce intenzivní péče.

  • 39th ESPEN congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (Hague, Netherlands, 9th- 12th September 2017) - poster:

    • Joskova V, Patkova A, Havel E, Kovarik M, Zadak Z, Hronek M. The Effect of Fluid Intake on Fluid Balance and Prognosis in Polytrauma Patients in ICU.
  • XXXIII. Mezinárodní kongres SKVIMP (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic,  30th March - 1st April 2017) - poster:
    • Josková V, Patková A, Havel E, Kovařík M, Zadák Z, Hronek M. Pozitivní tekutinová bilance a její vliv na prognózu polytraumatizovaných pacientů na JIP.
  • 7. Postrgradual & 5. Postdoctoral Conference, Faculty of Pharmacy UK (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic,  7th-8th February 2017) - 2 lectures:
    • Josková V, Patková A, Havel E, Kovařík M, Zadák Z, Hronek M. The Effect of Fluid Intake on the Fluid Balance in Critically Ill Patients.

    • Patková A, Josková V, Havel E, Kovařík M, Zadák Z, Hronek M. Respiratory Quotient as a Prognostic Factor of Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay in Polytrauma Patients.

  • previous conferences

Educational seminars

On the 16th November 2017 presented associate professor Hronek the lecture called: "Methods of indirect calorimetry and bioimpedance spectroscopy" on the seventh educational seminar for the members of our workgroup.

On the 8th March presented Mgr. Josková the lecture: "Nutritional support in critically ill patients - the use of pharmacists, practice, research" on the 101. lecture evening of Pharmacists Association in Hradec Králové.

Other events

On the 10th November 2017 the brochure „Výživa kojících žen“ was baptized on the occasion of the World Day of Premature Born Children on the conference entitled "Promoting Breastfeeding of Premature Born Children" in Prague Žofín. This brochure was then also presented to the media at the afternoon press conference. The publication was released with the support of Danone Nutritia. The brochure is intended both for professional public and lactating women. The author, associate professor Hronek, tried to disprove the myths in the area of nutrition of lactating women. The publication is distributed to all neonatology centers in hospitals throughout the Czech Republic.

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