Technology Transfer

Group of Clinical Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism

presentationLaboratory is in research focused on the study of clinical nutrition physiology, metabolism, and body composition, both in physiological conditions, and due to different pathological states. It is equipped with modern instruments for clinical measurement of energy expenditure and oxidation of nutritional substrates using indirect calorimetry eg. after administration of nutritional support, to determine body composition using anthropometric methods, bioimpedance spectroscopy to measure the amount of body fluids and body structure, dynamic and static dynamometry grip strength and performance of striated muscle, spirometry lung volumes, application methods "Comet assay" to evaluate the degree of oxidative DNA damage and repair.

We have more than 10 years of experience gained through cooperation with the University Hospital, with studies in pregnant and lactating women, with polytrauma patients in the surgical ICU, with patients with non-small cell bronchogenic carcinoma. We are open to cooperation with academics, clinics and hospitals as well as private and public companies dealing with the development of new nutritional formulas or devices mentioned above.

For whole presentation including contact details see this document.

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