Research Funding


Czech Science Foundation:

  • 18-08452S “Anthelmintics in plants – interactions with polyphenols biosynthesis and antioxidant defence”
  • 18-07724S "Circulation of anthelmintics in environment- does it contribute to drug resistance development in helminths?"
  • 18-09946S "Metabolism of terpenes and mechanisms of their toxic effects in human liver"
  • 18-07281Y "In vitro and ex vivo models to study drug-drug interactions of antiviral drugs on intestinal transporters"
  • 17-11954Y “UDP-glycosyltransferases in Haemonchus contortus –players in drug-resistance?”

Charles University Research Funding

  • UNCE18/SCI/012 Centre of research of hosts-parasites interactions
  • PRIMUS/17/SCI/4 “Úloha mikroRNA v lékové rezistenci hlístic”



Czech Science Foundation:

  • No. 524/00/0514 “Biotransformation enzymes and metabolism of xenobiotics in ruminants”
  • No. 524/03/1361 “Benzimidazole anthelmintics and induction of biotransformation enzymes in farm animals“ 
  • No. 524/06/1345 “Biotransformation enzymes of ruminants and their parasites - significance for therapy of parasitoses and anthelmintic resistance”
  • No. 524/07/0611 “Dicrocoeliosis in farm animals - defence mechanisms of lancet fluke against anthelmintics”
  • No. P502/10/0217 “Drug-resistance development in helminths – possible mechanisms and defence”
  • No. P503/15-05325S “Anthelmintics in plants – uptake, biotransformation and transcriptional response“
  • No. P303/12/G163 “Centre of drug - dietary supplement interactions and nutrigenetics”

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