Technology Transfer

Laboratory of Drug Metabolism, Interactions and Resistance

PresentationLaboratory deals with basic and applied research in the field of drugs and other xenobiotics metabolism in vitro (subcellular fractions, cell lines and cultures, tissue slices) and in vivo in animals (rodents, livestock), in parasitic helminths (nematodes, cestodes and trematodes) and in plants.

Another research field is study of dietary supplements and drugs interactions and study of drug resistance in parasitic helminths – both in vitro and in vivo. Our laboratory is equipped with all necessary instruments, for example qPCR, LC/MS, Western blot, laminar flow cabinet and many others. Group implemented various methods for qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Laboratory has also access to the accredited animal facility for small rodents (rats, mice, guinea-pigs).

We are looking for cooperation with partners from area of academic research, industry and agronomy who are interested in pharmacology, biochemistry and parasitology research.

For whole presentation including contact details, see this document.

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