Metabolism of drugs, activity and regulation of drug-metabolizing enzymes (DME) and their role in drug interactions and resistance

  • Identification of metabolites of drugs and other xenobiotics in animals, parasitic helminths and plants
  • Drug biotransformation and transport studies
  • Interactions of natural substances/ food supplements with drugs – effect of drugs, dietary supplements, natural compounds and other xenobiotics on expression and activity of DME or antioxidant enzymes
  • Mechanisms of drug resistance in parasitic helminths
  • Interactions of anthelmintics in plants with polyphenols synthesis and with antioxidant defence system

Drug metabolism studies in vitro and/or in vivo

  • Antiproliferative and toxicity tests using various cultures of immortalized cells
  • Tests of hepatotoxicity of drugs and other xenobiotics
  • Preparation and incubation of precision-cut liver and intestinal slices
  • Isolation and cultivation of primary cultures of hepatocytes
  • Preparation of subcellular fractions (animal and human organs, parasites, plants, cell cultures)
  • Assays of enzyme expression
  • Assays of enzyme activities
  • Identification of metabolites of drugs and other xenobiotics

Drug resistance studies in helminths

  • In vivo animal studies
  • Isolation of helminths from infected hosts
  • Ex vivo cultivations of helminths
  • Molecular parasitology

hepatocytes isolation

in the laboratory


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