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Department of Physical Education & FAF LFHK

fb-(4).pngDepartment of Physical Education provides students the opportunity to maintain and improve your physical and mental condition during the entire study, and deepens the knowledge of physical culture. In addition to regular team sports (volleyball, basketball, football) also teach individual sports (tennis, squash, spinning, canoeing, yoga, Bodyform, table tennis, aerobics, dance aerobics, BeZZumba, SmartFit, in-line, modern forms of exercise to music , Salsa, Hip-hop, climbing wall, fitness strength training, relaxation exercises, self defense for women, martial art for men, Bosu, HEAT).


What we try to achieve
The aim of the work is to allow the department sufficient compensation mental loads of students, give them the opportunity to regenerate power and maintain or improve the physical and mental condition during the whole period of study. Further acquire and develop practical skills in new and attractive for students costly forms of sport (golf, tennis, HEAT, RealRyder, Bosu, canoeing ...).



Dear students, registration on sport activities will start on 2nd of October at 18:00 (6 PM) and will end on 3rd of October at 20:00 (20 PM). Enrollment will take the form of registration for an exam in SIS, where you will register an activity that you will attend every week




Mgr. Bezouškova's and Mgr. Bezouška's teaching is canceled due to illness.


Exceptions 😉 :

Tuesday Bezouškova's hours remain unchanged.

Wednesday's self-defense is possible on a voluntary basis. Magda will lead.

Swimming also remains unchanged.


You either have the opportunity to switch to another sport and meet the attendance there. Or fill the TV with the Strava.com app 6km walk / 8km run / 15km bike = one lesson.

You do not need to replace the hours from this week. Everything is valid until next week.


Thank you for your understanding.


Important message for students who are not vaccinated and have not undergone Covid.


You are not allowed to attend physical education classes at FVZ and swimming pool. Other classes continue without changes.


Options for obtaining credit for those who are not vaccinated and have not undergone Covid:

1.Go to another class, always contact the teacher of your chosen subject.

2.Use the STRAVA.com application 1 hour absence = 6km walk / 8km run / 15km bike. Tracks without GPS location and on simulators will not be accepted.


Restrictions are based on government regulations, so we are forced to follow them.


Thank you for your understanding.

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