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Volleyball excellent


This group is composed of active or recently active players and player.

Required Input Skills:

  • Manage and control the direction of flight of the ball with the technique of fingers and dig when receiving and recording.
  • Serve very good from the bottom or above.
  • They must be able to move in the field. Read and predict game situations, smash, block.
  • A sense of team concept of the game.

The teacher reserves the right to exclude a student who does not attain the level of the above mentioned skills.

Organization of particular trainnig session:

15 ́ warming up, dynamic stretching, volleyball training

45´ game

You will need: shoes for the gym, sportswear, a bottle of drinking.


sportswear, indoor shoes, drink

Teacher:  Mgr. Kateřina Mahlerová

Place: Mandysova school, Štefcova school

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